Funny Bathroom Renovation in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Life-sized photos of women pulling shocked faces are installed above the urinals in a Canadian bar.
2:55 | 09/03/13

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Transcript for Funny Bathroom Renovation in Halifax, Nova Scotia
I'd next time you want to lose confidence is a man when you're -- -- -- you know you like there's -- of America just wanna walk up to -- do -- business and out so you wanna see something nice sometimes it's the sports page whatever but I pub in Halifax Nova Scotia has a pretty. Pretty entertaining thing -- excellent. Size does matter doubled to the hurdle woman's -- on aid to. -- it is going all might work and the -- one's gone. Basically and I -- let's -- -- inspired confidence. -- -- out there is the worst driver in 2000. Eighteen to Allstate its ranks to towns from. Ten to one worst cities. Allstate did that this is the ninth annual study here we -- number five Glendale cattle. Oh yeah. In the world. Immediately Florida we're working our way -- American -- profits that -- may mean never to let me. It's more. -- worst city to drive it well the number one city -- drivers. Plus -- and we say -- -- at New York's art I. It's no New Jersey not even on the lessons that is very surprising figures he didn't even make the list -- number 6 -- I am November 18 and Francisco news. Our special announcement did you have a special announcement young woman you have near -- -- who was -- teleprompter operator who's been with us for how long did you know what that's all our. When he left here in the last year I can't come on how does he. Yeah odds all like to check very nice -- felt like shouting hey hey I know you here. -- -- -- -- -- One element in -- has how wonderful opportunity she is an amateur film maker that she's -- announce that weren't you. -- -- Wonderful film it illegally right and -- -- -- hoping to get that into some film festivals yet. We want to talk about is how wonderful your experiences been here with us and all it is that you will and won't miss about the over. Will you and we miss anything about the about -- blades of clients sign them realignment department that's been so fun and the show is so -- -- he hasn't. It's to create and cool look into an action yeah teleprompter. We -- a lot of the news that we read and that keeps us there with all the words and yeah it's not like -- I tell you KD is one of the best -- in the business because we have had other people come on here and they're just as wonderful as knows she's eighty and began -- -- -- -- -- -- it's an entry -- -- you can't -- a bigger better things but she. -- now here's the thing I think she's great at the teleprompter doesn't it. You need it arranged she's going to be any breaks they want of a teleprompter but you'd be surprised and you're going off to bigger better things -- -- that -- we dedicated. Yeah -- yeah.

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{"id":20140131,"title":"Funny Bathroom Renovation in Halifax, Nova Scotia ","duration":"2:55","description":"Life-sized photos of women pulling shocked faces are installed above the urinals in a Canadian bar.","url":"/WNN/video/funny-bathroom-renovation-halifax-nova-scotia-20140131","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}