Going Green in the Kitchen with Padma Lakshmi

Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi cooks up some healthy meals for Earth Day.
3:47 | 04/22/15

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Transcript for Going Green in the Kitchen with Padma Lakshmi
It's also nearly a disputed fact that one of the best ways to save the earth is for humans to eat more. Plant based da hits and there are some relatively painless ways to go meatless. Our team to trim teams up with a very reliable source you'll recognize that this edition of insomniac its. From noon time date need. I'm the mama. Excuse me. I burgers are delicious I love existing grid and and then. But it's days can show you how the Altoona. Imprisonment in the conference this morning. I think they come with me from. And what's operating days I've teamed up way Morningstar times take advantage of the region and the magic legions of various books. Shasta flags. Walk me. A plant based protein its new easily be good rain you don't want plant based diet. It's not only to see your body but it's also for the planet I'm taking these mornings I patties. Com and you can unit if only cuts but from the freezer if you just keep them not. Today and they fall off well. The first thing you want to do. Get some sliced onions OK if you look quick pick up we're using some red signs lined an answer okay nine just when Houston. How hot is it your fingers and make us involves. He did is yet to. Content jobs in the cop a hot summer yet I have half a cup of parsley was sounds. And Hackett have and it's time. Blue lemon juice him for that right hand and I'm using some mince. Hot series a little bit to kick its own reasoning I think about this looks gorgeous already beautiful salad and really that's all you have to do. Then you just saved his burgers. Cut Thelma. Something actually yeah I mean it's literally like any minute I'm getting out. And he did read about them and you gonna cut the tops off. First thing yeah. Is a little bit of taking the time doing this and basically pouring it at the edge brain. And then letting it drift down it is see how it thank. Just oozing down it this is your condiments basically a case that once you fact that spread around. You just want to ask. Little best when a tough in his quarters about the onions and then the minute here didn't that's been sitting. And now the eleventh person banking group and miles per hour and it's really healthy for you it's extremely. I'm healthy and moved beauty is that most Americans have all of these ingredients. I try gray and a really good. And caravan. Of message does I hope most theater fans. Okay my friends are just ahead. You you to head is just a salad and a Peter read it it's it's one that try. I only know it you do like your salad Obama salads and really are good healthy eater. And I have to say that at 30% of the Earth's surface actually. Is used for the land services used for agriculture 70% of the agriculture that's used. Is actually for animal products you like. Checks asking how it taints. It's good that budgeted for good just not over Jack. Jack that he wants you to enjoy something missing though it need to add a little. Steve yeah does but you can out of its own its it's absolutely fantastic have turned everyone.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi cooks up some healthy meals for Earth Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30494197","title":"Going Green in the Kitchen with Padma Lakshmi","url":"/WNN/video/green-kitchen-padma-lakshmi-30494197"}