Take a look inside this year’s New York Toy Fair

The Toy Insider’s Ali Mierzejewski shows us the hottest toys coming to the market in 2020!
4:28 | 03/09/20

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Transcript for Take a look inside this year’s New York Toy Fair
See that traffic you don't have a great charity is still more than a month away but it is never too early for the Easter Bunny to start planning gets the kids basket and this morning we're hearing means he tells summoning me with innovations into anything that were on display just learning blocks away from where we're sitting right now. Our own twenty insider Alan did you ski takes us there. Click and we're getting ready to play with the best green tree toys coming out all the out when he let me. We employ about getting picked kids up and bit wet and just having Plano plastic button six. Street rejoins me but he did to get outside or inside and play together as a family is notified about one of my favorite game coming up as the air rats that brings you. Could not vocal about slinging soon. About two. Primarily indoor game the you can actually take it outdoor you can hang it on. A tree branch and hanging over a door for him you can hang on the back out here SUV for a little bit Hilliard accident you're going to be throwing horseshoes. Trying to land on the platform. One thing that we know for sure is that kids still love slime so we're about to go check out some plan has some cool surprises. I've looked up. So what's new at pop toppling it and so pop up link is amazing because it was 299 to 1999 and you get to make. Fabulous bracelets and necklaces and this climate it is is this so satisfying pop. It and you get a prize afterwards. Little. Over the 299. You get to those guys here and you get a ribbon that you can add your pop up leans on CU. To make a huge beautiful charm bracelet and there's. I was in the sixties from mix and match the super fun so it's a little bit slimy and a little bit glam. Some of the pop pop things maybe he'd be staying in his baby dolls are great classic play that kids always love somewhere here at madame Alexander of the new battle babies. He completed in the bread thin and you actually hear a little bit of her battles he has played five different sounds. Babble baby comes in three different colors and she's actually dabbling right now we. Created as a brand new building and crafting can't be thought of laid up crafting can't. And you basically use is and two different pieces you leave them together. And you build these really beautiful. Forms and then they all have LED lights inside so you can hang them up to here round Google Earth. But in my desk and it becomes like a beautiful night way we have people making crowns like this is sometimes. He's in India that it isn't against linking the attack yeah. The third bank. We can't talk about great screen screenplay is about a really good last there ain't exactly. That's how club toys of the so called the atomic power poverty and basically it haven't been bodes well all of the evidence chamber and when you when you squeeze did it pops the balls. We are getting ready to ride with raise there here today and a brand new electric dirt bike that's designed for young kids race yes. All of you MX 145 razor you can see jacket shredding it. Significant it is it's all all of all the power and about half the price on the phone designed for kids seven and up. And it retails at just 209. A fraction of what our hot. Other you're like spots that doesn't the younger sister idol label on it let my older brother had the that the perfect Rihanna gave it yet often and Edmonton you to get that having fun we can't get them off of this date you think it's. I had so much fun on the plates airshow clearly if you did and I am exhausted. Thanks so much for coming up the play and we'll see you next time. Could eight cent and very get yet it's this is there really hate me but my favorite toy there really is at my little leaves and the Lorraine. I that those absent some modern appeal transformers were big for me about slider from ghostbusters. That yeah. And I had an Albanian beanie baby is well voice to Jack favorite toy favorite toy or was this. Evil can evil launchers seeing that you could send evil in his motorcycle parts flying through the is really acts are what's a better the.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"The Toy Insider’s Ali Mierzejewski shows us the hottest toys coming to the market in 2020!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69479495","title":"Take a look inside this year’s New York Toy Fair","url":"/WNN/video/inside-years-york-toy-fair-69479495"}