Invisible Driver at Drive-Thru

A prankster has devised a costume to trick people that the car is driving itself.
2:55 | 01/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Invisible Driver at Drive-Thru
-- who does not love. -- good I live right good plant especially catching captured on video this is fantastic this is were hot the magician of prankster who decided have a lot of fun of with the drive through window employees. Planning. Yes it educated figured out he had never hot head actually dress himself up life. The car seats and is actually driving the wheels away why -- for -- boom that. As unpleasant as McCartney to look like no one behind the wheel that he brings -- -- -- drive new workers here. But it actually and he made this comment not elaborate costume we can still see and drive but it looks just like the cars. Oh it is like the ghost rider kind of car -- I bet isn't really had -- -- -- -- favorite magnitude -- those reactions are pretty pretty bright. Really. But I love -- And you know after the overnight shift I usually drive about 45 minute yes I easy drive home about 45 minutes -- always exhausted and I hope that music -- -- to stay -- well apparently there's been a study. About the topped and they come to the -- -- ten song that you can listen to their safe. I was safe and healthy drive C -- -- -- keep you awake. Tiny did what. Helping drive say it's OK number five tiny dancer -- -- number of for the scientists. From -- -- I'm -- from Jason rise. Billionaire featuring Bruno Mars. And yeah. It is come away with me Norah Jones. Could homelands and these -- solid again my TV time zone yesterday and then all most of those -- kind of put -- since Celine and me is you who. Boom had me more weighted to me in my George WB. Be asleep and I love that -- Alamogordo and left that's a little presume that those same songs now. We've got help you drive safely -- -- -- drive with some of the crazy love me that kind of strange and upbeat. -- not adding that it doesn't mean that there. I was that they didn't believe that -- -- -- -- what's happened. Monopoly. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well that an update their classic -- and says so there is Akon says you can determine what you would prefer our. That as saving your child can now look at the choices. You've got the wheelbarrow. With grade all these otherwise these -- the -- tokens. Hi my vote is for the -- to go to the go to monopolies FaceBook page and cast your votes.

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{"id":18177642,"title":"Invisible Driver at Drive-Thru","duration":"2:55","description":"A prankster has devised a costume to trick people that the car is driving itself. ","url":"/WNN/video/invisible-driver-drive-18177642","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}