First lady unveils the White House Christmas decorations

This year's theme is "National Treasures," as Melania Trump's own personal touches caused a stir on social media. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.
2:53 | 11/27/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First lady unveils the White House Christmas decorations
It is beginning to look go. I was. And room. You go. It's time honored tradition the First Lady hallways in charge of holiday decoration at the White House. And Lonnie trump did not disappoint with her elaborate creation but one design decision. As some critics seeing red. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the White House and if your steam national treasures. Free streak didn't red white and mirrors emblazoned with famous US skyline in a painstakingly crafted supermodel and the National Mall policy is off the line. And the customer rates to the frame card the president's past the meticulously planned to court it's inspiring on. First Lady even including details unique to her favorite. This ornament from her son's favorite sport. Siblings and with her anti bullying slogan. Money trouble and build her masterpiece on Monday writing our theme honors the heart and spirit of the American people. But the sparkling to core in the west wing is far from the star of the show. For the second year in a row and First Lady crazy eyebrows with her eastern wing being. Dozens of blood red trees devoid of decoration now lined the east colony and sending the Internet into a frenzy. Red alert bringing on a slew of means overnight some comparing the crimson Plant City outfit in the hand maid's tale editing the famous white -- it's on to the trees others say it looks like a scene out of a Dr. Seuss book reading below or acts must be in raged. This user even recreating that famous holy scene from the shining complete with creepy twin. Payments. Yeah. Last year Maloney into Knisley decked the halls with menacing Lee bearing boughs that also caused a stir on social media. Just got to look at the scene out of the shining. A couple of those can we paid leave the the heating bill in the look the White House for one specifically loaders over yes of the gloves. But in. The means have been hilarious yes yes that's yes well yes. Bryant's trees or car wash Linda be spared us pictures of its but isn't picked at Arafat if I'll go car us. Then Brandon puts here I'm aghast that Milan yes laundered hundreds of Muppets and collected their pelts to make these Christmas trees. Why is no one covering this gas question then in and it had absolutely we'll get Cecilia Vega and our White House team and on that. It's kind that I don't like it I cut its in this time yet. Stated that different but many are saying it's the assault on Christmas right there at my house.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"This year's theme is \"National Treasures,\" as Melania Trump's own personal touches caused a stir on social media. ABC News' Janai Norman reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59438879","title":"First lady unveils the White House Christmas decorations","url":"/WNN/video/lady-unveils-white-house-christmas-decorations-59438879"}