Meet the world's oldest barber

ABC News' Tom Kelly caught up with Anthony Mancinelli to see why he's still snipping away at 107!
5:00 | 11/27/18

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Transcript for Meet the world's oldest barber
And. Welcome back so the average American retires at about age 66 the average average 66. Kelly sounds like boost pap fat. By about forty years and he's still working. Tom joins us now get what I read this article about the world's oldest practicing barber who is still cutting hair at 107 years old. He works about two hours away from New York City in a town called new Windsor. And I got the ball well drew looked at through way to see if this old barber was a cut above the rest. It's just a typical day for Anthony Manson yelling at 107 years young he week's sell. Visits the grave of his beloved wife Carmela and many drives himself to work. That's right I said work. So Anthony Paul what your son is retired in your. You gotta 'cause we're good let's go get the customer played and not hang up this the part that I think is funny Anthony Sutton. Is retired. But Anthony is not. Anthony is the Guinness book of world records record for the world's oldest practicing barber. It's a title he's held for nearly ten years. He's been profiled twice but the New York Times appeared on television and received commendation from New York's governor Andrew Cuomo and president Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama. They CMX last week. Many of his customers have been coming to him for decades. And his client list continues to grow. I Keener you're. And the mere really. Soon though coming into the sixties and part of the seventies I was a kid. Does it scare you to get your hair cut by a man who's over 100 years old need to me for. I couldn't make the trip to see the world's oldest barber without having Anthony do little cleanup. Get the ear hairs the big one he started cutting hair when he was eleven years old supporters family where his name when I was eleven years old. I was stuck on level three of Super Mario. He has seen the industry evolve and change when he started coming here almost 100 years ago he charge 25 cents a haircut. Now we charges nineteen bucks. Here is gone and long rare longer. Today everybody wants. Shortly. Nobody years he's had some colorful customers have you ever cut a mobsters terrorists and when you. Komando. Michael Foreman. Bitter tone my face. If you cut my hair I asked Anthony to the secret to his longevity. What they got worked great stories about the history of this industry and it's like growing up near Naples Italy and in Newburgh New York. No matter what we talked about every conversation coming back how much he loves and misses is wife. She was no dominate Coke. I doubt this vision. Anybody any better. And she were. I'm asking the question people ask him every day why does work it's that that it just go to work you love your job. I've met people who could be painful so okay. To get there could. And I I like to sale of some here. He works five days a week he doesn't he he patience. Moments of the a quarter than they hit what you gonna do you could take a vacation. I thought. Yeah come the word (%expletive) are you gonna work I ever could fall short. A little and then head. In meeting Anthony mentioned only emit a great man who wasn't trying to be great. The successes and his tenacity and simplicity. He loves his wife he loves his family he loves his job he happens to be a 107 years old and he has no plans and retire. There's an old Benjamin Franklin quote Steve where of the young doctors and the old barber. I have to say. This old Barbara. Did a pretty good job. The key is still active still working he said he handles the Rock Hill drive it every morning but he stays in town he keeps it safe scary but it does it will work with what everybody starts every morning. He drives to his wife's grave and then he gets a cup of coffee. Get the newspaper and goes to work is what's his secret. He has none and he has this great line. That if he had the secret to a long life he would have given it to his six Brothers and sisters into his wife. He's very sweet about that but he doesn't drink he doesn't smoke any keeps moving every day he doesn't have to work his son is 81 and retired local and he's from overhaul. There aren't any customers walking around with parts of their air lone no island that's how I hear you still there Harry here pretty good all right Tom Kelly thank you very much. What's really town.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"ABC News' Tom Kelly caught up with Anthony Mancinelli to see why he's still snipping away at 107! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59438797","title":"Meet the world's oldest barber","url":"/WNN/video/meet-worlds-oldest-barber-59438797"}