Mission to Mars a success!

NASA's rover made it to the red planet and is already sending back photos and video. ABC's Will Ganss reports on the historic achievement.
2:59 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for Mission to Mars a success!
This morning to prove that a little perseverance. Goes a long way cut taxes haven't. The most advanced robot ever to be sent into space perseverance. Landing safely. On Mars Percy sending this image and its message tweeting. Hello World my first look at. My forever home president Biden watching the landing from the White House. Calling NASA's acting administrator to congratulate the team cracked ground Arnold so first these settlements that are. Thursday's landing and achievement of galactic proportions. Color the center. Minutes of terror because it takes approximately seven minutes for the spacecraft to make it from the top of the martian atmosphere to safely wheels on the ground. But it's terrifying begin at the spacecraft passes manage that. The center stage all by itself the rover determined to live up to her name. Perseverance not just. Because up the name on the road worker perseverance because the behavior off the team. In adverse times with Paulette all these complex cities and I'll be so proud to team. Now the Perseus in her new home she begins her mission of searching for signs of ancient life on the red planet Percy equipped with an instrument called super can. A laser that can belts rocks 25 feet away. Then analyze it there's evidence of life there in the laser light strikes that surface it causes the rock to boil essentially the light comes back to the Rupert tells you what elements are present in one David team will bring the evidence collected by Percy back home to earth. But until then she's continuing to update Twitter followers on her movements and vice president Kabul a Harris tweeting her can grab supersedes team today's historic landing embodies our nation's spirit of perseverance. Building on past accomplishments and paving the way for future missions. What does today mean in terms of inspiring future scientists. Like yourself. I really hope and I build leads that you know what we learned from my pick mentioned liked us from doing that daring thing Mike Landa and on our sister power. Com strong teams coming to a group to better diverse backgrounds diverse opinions coming do better and doing amazing facts. Celebrating that diversity doctors he tells me that he hopes future scientists have diverse backgrounds. Who are inspired by proceeds Mars landing might join his team one day after all the future is bright. NASA saying that the discussion of when. Humans will be getting to Mars is not that far away we're talking that early 20s30s he got a whole lobby in my prime. I'm so glad you guys brought that up because the first thing I noticed was Chloe sac here and I believe they saw several other women hour in there and that is huge. Are women so big and those that are jas I Mir space lasers.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"NASA's rover made it to the red planet and is already sending back photos and video. ABC's Will Ganss reports on the historic achievement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75992071","title":"Mission to Mars a success!","url":"/WNN/video/mission-mars-success-75992071"}