Nina Davuluri Crowned Miss America

New York's Nina Davuluri made history as first woman of Indian heritage to win the competition.
4:06 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for Nina Davuluri Crowned Miss America
-- got a little wrap up the Miss America 2014. We have when. -- A little -- and I didn't. I felt this good doesn't it -- does in fourteen Miss America was hosted by our own Lara Spencer and Chris Harrison. On the and the winner is none other then admits New York -- -- from here in -- road there you have it hurt name -- Double -- she's 24 years old from Syracuse she won. 50000 dollar scholarship and that was her talent she did a Bollywood dance she's the first. Contestant with Indian descent into -- as well the second time from New York so there you have it. NN news new York and she's stunning as is everybody else. General and adjusting things that happened -- here -- the pageant wheels -- its candidates who talked about her a little bit last week. -- to -- there she is once again about how red bikini showing up for tattoo you. She has won sprawled across her -- in -- her rib cage and another one on her shoulder. And she's a look at the trend -- here's the first time. This is ever happened but the -- said they stood behind -- 100% she says that she didn't want to be a hypocrite telling girls to be who they are and -- come out there and cover up. And we had -- Marie ended down the Florida. Who unfortunately. -- says sad shape her way down the we've back as he can see she had little brace on her -- not a lot of them it's a guard Everett not an argument that. Even though she did it down Reggie had been -- -- just underneath it there when she was doing her on just rehearsing for her own in. Talent competition -- is she was doing a little -- -- for a one and -- and while she was doing about it. She took a bad -- and she heard her name. So there you have and that is our wrap up not at all nicely done yeah. And they're also beautiful all right we're. East pierce has a new video and single -- -- out the name of it is work. The work -- The -- she worked his rhymes with -- whenever you want to do its work -- -- -- anyway it was most about Monday night but a low quality version of it. Came out on line after she'd been teasing it. Sunday early show she tweeted this very upset about it she was waiting. Woke up today saw that the low quality version of work -- had -- unhappy face so. At any rate they are going to change that but before we tell you what -- what's get a quick listen. Constantly -- will be today. 3 PM police. From what is sexy lady to another Jennifer Lopez is the brand new face of cosmopolitan there October cover are you can reach out gash and shoot some he thinks he and his mom of twins look at -- -- my goodness. During this interview she finally addressed at that appearance that she -- at the birthday party for the president of -- Pakistan. Now do you remember she apparently sang at this guy's birthday party -- a big uproar. Because he's the he's not well liked because he's killed many of his own people so she says. I know that being seen as a role model means taking responsibility for my actions I'm human and of course sometimes -- make mistakes but I promise that when I -- I get back up. When I'm Ron -- she says she -- -- -- She looks amazing Thai Queen Latifah gonna make -- a debut with her syndicated show the Queen Latifah showed today. So she says she's got to make some noise in the realm of daytime TV she's that's what -- naturally bit edgier than the typical big time -- -- -- -- things -- -- and I wanna be respectful I want more of our daytime TV more choices more heart -- rumors Russell said something very interesting in this article. That ABC actually got they expect to -- the -- to reduce stress for. I am I actually held sometimes but the target is something. Their findings to take off its ability was on the take a look at just.

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{"id":20267578,"title":"Nina Davuluri Crowned Miss America","duration":"4:06","description":"New York's Nina Davuluri made history as first woman of Indian heritage to win the competition.","url":"/WNN/video/nina-davuluri-crowned-miss-america-2013-20267578","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}