Octavia Spencer Buys Out 'Hidden Figures' Screening for Low-Income Families

In an Instagram post, the Academy Award- winning actress said she committed the act of kindness during Martin Luther King weekend to honor her mother and all single parents who can't afford the luxury of taking their children to the movies.
9:08 | 01/16/17

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Transcript for Octavia Spencer Buys Out 'Hidden Figures' Screening for Low-Income Families
It is getting on this Monday we're gonna start when those brainy math queens raining at the box office for second consecutive week. I've got to go see this movie at hidden figures that historical drama about black female NASA employees. In the early days of the space program has turned out to be one of the biggest breakout films of this year's award season. Yet the prequel to didn't fences. Stars many people Oscar winning actress Octavia Spencer. And it kicked off Martin Luther King Day weekend with a generous gift in honor of her late mother. Add this is really remarkable of her to do she bought. An entire theaters worth of tickets Friday nights at 8 PM showing of hidden figures at one of the gators in Los Angeles for families in me. She spread the word on its to grab saying her only other home. Would not have been able to afford to take her in her sibling so she's honoring her and all single parents on this MOK weekend. Spencer lost her mother when she would just eighteen years old but she credits her mom with preparing her for holly let yet into business inspiring her to be practical grounded. And hard working I think she's all of those qualities her mom what got me out she does appear to be all of that and that movie is supposedly very inspirational haven't seen this yet I can't imagine it would be anything but. And speaking of mothers Orlando belittle what surprised by his mama or his fortieth birthday. Bloom best known for his paddle boarding techniques. That's her refrigerator Perry they have had debuting a new blond hairdo thing. Well through the bat for the British actor who fit which featured two tiered allocate. Can't say she's so beautiful she can pretty much to do anything but news bloom was surrounded by family and friends tens. Share this photo with the captain best gift ever surprise visit from. Mean month. The others pretty cool celebrity guests included Jennifer Aniston and her husband Justin grow and guests were wearing sweat suits adorned with. Blooms base we weren't biting and it I don't know what islands face on. Really they can afford the shirts though they didn't wearing out there wearing sweat pants yes that's the patriot that. Up next to our first look at one of the most anticipated TV. Performances of the new year. HBO has released the first trailer for at its upcoming TV movie the wizard of lies starring Robert De Niro as a notorious scam artist Bernie Madoff. And Michelle Pfeiffer as his wife. It's. The preview there the wizard of lies debuts in me on HBO. Not necessarily feel good movie at the bigger ahead but it looks powerful dip it does. Are coming up getting from point eight point V this winter full schools that ABC is rob Marciano takes us along partisan rushing lesson. This morning. Obama and Roberts exclusive where do we go from here how do we use what your mother and father fought so hard for her parents changed to world now on the would you don't know about Coretta Scott King plus her powerful never before heard audio. Three eyewitness the only MGM many. We know where the dogs are asked if that even proper English now know. Permit dogs be yet. I got my tanner OK there and in mountainous area of Colorado. It's about high season for dogs flooding apparently and ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano takes up along. And as big adventure in matching the good luck. He beat of these rural class act sort quasars with column Alaskan husky mr. Breeden the best of the best and that's kind of where these guys who. There was this off and former Iditarod racer that you good calls letters I'm guessing that they'll. Got it man is stars of the show. This one's name is Teddy Teddy you want to go. Are you honest day I think she's ready for Dancing With The Stars yeah you are you and you'll dance and it. That there is an about pine Annabel never obviously very differently and that's cougar Vanilla taker with us that a bigger part of a team. News from running cougar sighted you'd you'd you're sort of excess. Luke air and cougar cougar coupe. I'm against yen and it was on the other seven days what happens when that figure that some. Slam hundreds. First through dog moves in the Linda. Admiral Don Dolan go yeah. I mean let you know left into the right you know right. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I. In a little right now Iran. Married had a hard left lean left. Oh and don't you know almost like that. We are moving now. How math. Editor I let me put the work aren't getting tired. Anna Nicole Smith who knows what to New Britain euphoria real attributes it right on your lap you later I'd shot down there's. Mud. We got to warm Debra. Cricket equipment for hum results have now for the Iditarod after all again. Later. Actually looks like so much fun it really and that it and done about it Simon here. That was our updates on FaceBook ad community can't stop.

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{"duration":"9:08","description":"In an Instagram post, the Academy Award- winning actress said she committed the act of kindness during Martin Luther King weekend to honor her mother and all single parents who can't afford the luxury of taking their children to the movies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44803518","title":"Octavia Spencer Buys Out 'Hidden Figures' Screening for Low-Income Families ","url":"/WNN/video/octavia-spencer-buys-hidden-figures-screening-low-income-44803518"}