Oscars 2013: Winners, Best Moments

A recap of highlights from the 85th annual Academy Awards.
3:55 | 02/25/13

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Transcript for Oscars 2013: Winners, Best Moments
Willis came out I don't know would work on the well. -- still up for you guys because it is Oscar night in this. Well it's Willis went on and you'll also learn the -- network you can -- So we want to get to our Oscar edition of the skinny tonight we are excited we're pumped about -- and we have. All. The top winner take it away category and a lawyer -- how best picture -- Everybody loved this movie -- yeah it. Yeah but handle it with such grace and I think it's deserved it because he didn't get director nomination which just last. That didn't happen and we'll be still 11989. Driving and speeding the fact that it happened two decades later and he wasn't nominated I think -- the settings a lot of people that he was happy and First -- was wanted to. Means is that cooler and and -- -- him a lot of sympathy kind of made him like the underdog after all that's I think it's sort of worked out -- everybody up and shot music but he didn't he didn't. And the best director of the winner goes -- little angle lake YOYO. Beautiful beautiful well shot movie and it's -- second best director went. Yet this is absolutely beautiful movie I mean the fact that they were able to bring this tiger and this child's together and make it look like it was actually happening before your eyes and -- never even touched water yeah. -- -- -- -- That's pretty intense talk about what a big seller was to get people to back come on this one because it's a big leap of faith but I think they're happy they did -- them and now kind of like it but much back. But -- yeah. I don't think that's right next. I'm Jennifer Lawrence -- silver linings playbook now -- The problem -- this -- so I think everybody expected because she really came out of her element she -- a sweetheart and she's gonna win a lot of Oscars in her time. But she fell on her way up it's the second time that she's -- -- o'clock in an awards show she candidly gracefully. Is just sad to see it happening. Right -- but it's as -- the high in the low of the night but yet she's got the statute it really matter. Let's go to a best actor -- -- -- Daniel Day-Lewis. Okay -- There's much to say he's put -- and you say he really is amazing I was wondering about his speech -- it was kind of funny as Daniel Day-Lewis way -- go out. Meryl Streep has should've played Lincoln and he played Margaret Thatcher -- -- kind of odd Daniel Day-Lewis is but that's what you'd expect. Is a little odd but that's okay aren't really only have so much to tell you okay now -- want to about the -- moments of the night now if you are watching you know we're gonna say delaying his number. In -- -- the intake. The entire cast was there and -- -- Japanese. -- and they. The fact that it. Voices -- warrants back. Next moment -- it head on stage hilarious if you remember attacked that is the -- ethnic -- he was up they're doing and he was. Hilarious to me I'd -- mark no I don't -- -- He would never think that would work but it does I was talk about Seth Seth MacFarlane -- I'm really stealing the show. You know a lot of people very critical of -- -- -- a lot of people saying he was great that real mixed -- let's listen to some of his opening monologue. -- street we saw your boots and -- wounded. And it'll be Watson Mulholland drive. Angelina Jolie we saw -- moves in she they've made us feel excited and -- live. And half the way we -- -- -- and rolled back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My card today it happened you know a lot of uncomfortable moments these sort of expect that any brought a lot of freshness to this -- -- like -- or not like them it's still. It was very fresh. -- we want to get to the very last -- our colleague Robin Roberts was on the red carpet and she looked absolutely. Stunning and her routing number. Cobalt blue and she and did beautiful and we love that she's back.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"A recap of highlights from the 85th annual Academy Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18587423","title":"Oscars 2013: Winners, Best Moments","url":"/WNN/video/oscars-2013-winners-best-moments-18587423"}