Passing of Baseball Great Yogi Berra

Yankees Icon Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra dies at age 90.
2:26 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for Passing of Baseball Great Yogi Berra
The passing of a baseball legend we've learned overnight that former New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra has died. His skills on the field was actually by the witty phrases he came off west. More here's ABC's live today S. Lawrence Peter Yogi Berra was one of baseball's most below figures and one of the best catchers to ever play the game. Three times most valuable player fifteen times an all star holder of seven World Series. Records. And brings seventeen years with the Yankees beat in Wilson's. War 100. The most memorable moment of one of baseball's most memorable games. Yogi jumping into the arms of Don Larson after Larson's perfect game in the 56 series. Opponents Newman as a fierce competitor who was at his best when they game was on the line. The colorful observations he came up with about baseball in life. Helped turn him into an American icon. They come before who patent. That was just one of hundreds of yogi isms collected in in 1998 book. Who said the future ain't what it used to be or you can observe a lot by watching. It was a man with the eighth grade education who wound up being quoted by a president. Deja blue all over again S. Yogi Berra would say where these things come from I don't even know I don't think noise sailor myself right we'll make them up. As a manager Joseph is one of a select few to win pennants in both the American and national leagues. But he was incensed when yankees owner George Steinbrenner fired him in 1985. Just 2.2 games into the season. The tuned in patch things up for nearly fourteen years. I just hope he can accept my app so it's over. And so that's behind us. A few months after the reconciliation bill he made a triumphant return to Yankee Stadium. It ain't over until until and so it. Out true. The Indians ABC news new. Time World Series champ. My favorite sayings always go to other people's funerals otherwise they won't come New York. There we met.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Yankees Icon Lawrence Peter \"Yogi\" Berra dies at age 90.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33968461","title":"Passing of Baseball Great Yogi Berra","url":"/WNN/video/passing-baseball-great-yogi-berra-33968461"}