Pomp, circumstance and masks

A 400-student graduation ceremony was held despite a coronavirus hotspot nearby. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports on ways states are charting this new normal.
2:28 | 05/21/20

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Transcript for Pomp, circumstance and masks
This morning pomp circumstance. And masks she'd come wanna get at a club now. High school graduates and their families gathered at the stadium and Alabama despite a krona virus hot spot within the state nearly 400 seniors outside Birmingham. Each given in 95 mask and sitting far apart on the field they're superintendent reminder families to keep their social distance in the stands. According to a reporter at the website a L dot com. At this gate. He conceded got a face mask required time nearby hospitals are now treating court of our speeches from a gummery ninety miles away because of a spike in cases. If you farm serves Alabama. He didn't I think you bear that you may not be able to get one. Because. Our health care system has written. Maxed out and now but every state has lifted some restrictions debates over following certain guidelines are raging in Illinois State lawmaker was escorted out of a legislative session. His colleagues voting to remove him because he refused to Wear a mask. Dorman please remove purpose Baylor and Colorado this video from Pasco. I look for cost gun amassed in this member to put on a mask and that is our company called. An employee to commands cart and asked them to leave ever the customer to comply with the store policy on wearing a mask and art are doing so governor free country. President trump is being asked to Wear a mask to date during his visit to a four facility in Michigan. In a letter to the president Michigan's attorney general says trump have the legal responsibility under state law to Wear face covering when he visits the factory. The president was asked earlier this week if you Wear one I don't know it's I haven't even thought of it. It depends trump is yet to be seen in public wearing a mask despite federal health guidance recommendations. In New York Wednesday the governor urged people to cover their faces. The masks. The work. They are protective and they work. Wear a mask and at the same time vice president Mike Pence sat down at this restaurant in Orlando Florida with the State's governor no mask for either. Nearby major theme parks are expected to unveil their plans to deeper reopening including Disney World universal Orlando and SeaWorld. Stores and shops at Disney springs are already open shoppers were seen wearing masks even in ninety degree weather. As an elderly bother me how much. That baseball stadium outside Birmingham will hold another graduation tonight. Disallowed because Alabama recently eliminated a rule on crowd size limits.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"A 400-student graduation ceremony was held despite a coronavirus hotspot nearby. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports on ways states are charting this new normal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"70806270","title":"Pomp, circumstance and masks","url":"/WNN/video/pomp-circumstance-masks-70806270"}