President Trump slams Senator Romney

In a late-night tweet, President Trump criticized the only Republican senator to side with Democrats on impeachment. ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt reports.
2:22 | 02/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump slams Senator Romney
Now to Washington where president compass claiming victory after his impeachment trial and it with a surprise twist the president fired off a late night tweet slamming senator Mitt Romney who was the only Republican. Who voted to convict ten. President trop also treated a video calling Romney slippery. Among other insults and he posted a video showing has. Name on signs decades in the future cleaning. We'll be president forever ABC's Andrew Denver has the latest from Washington where the president plans to speak about the impeachment trial today. Andrew good morning. Hey good morning soap senator Romney's vote to remove the president from office had no real effect on the end result here but it is something that is certainly going to be remembered. The president one. The office of the president won the constitution one. The deeply divisive trial to remove the president from office ends in acquittals we always knew it was an uphill fight. No one had illusions that the president would be convicted. President trump and his team coming out on top the trump was tripped up on his way to triumph mr. Romney. A historic vote from Republican senator Mitt Romney now becoming the first senator in US history to vote in favor of removing a president from his own party. What he did was not perfect. No it was a flagrant assault. Under electoral rights. Our national security. And our fundamental values. In an emotional speech Romney saying his faith guiding his decision and he believed the evidence was clear trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Joseph Biden for political gain. The blow back to swim and relentless the president's son even calling for Romney to be expelled from the party he's not brave. He's a coward. The president ripping Romney on Twitter into the night had failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney devoted the same energy and anger to defeating a faltering Barack Obama as he sanctimonious Lee does to me he could've won the election. And across the nation. Small but vocal protests popping up from coast to coast. And the Romney response that side the president is expected to make an official statement about his acquittal sometime later this afternoon. Kenneth connect all right Andrew Deborah their capital think Hume.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"In a late-night tweet, President Trump criticized the only Republican senator to side with Democrats on impeachment. ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68796258","title":"President Trump slams Senator Romney","url":"/WNN/video/president-trump-slams-senator-romney-68796258"}