R.E.M. Tells Trump Not to Use Music

The legendary rock band has ordered presidential candidate Donald Trump not to use their music during his campaign.
3:01 | 09/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for R.E.M. Tells Trump Not to Use Music
And topping your Friday skinny this morning politicians haven't really a tough time he would say where their campaign playlist legendary rock that aria out. Now the latest music group to tell a candidate not to use the needs of -- had Donald Trump who use the bands it's the end of the world as we know it at an event in DC it was in reference of course. The Iran nuclear deal. Afterward REM singer Michael Stipe said quote I do not use arms. My voice for your moronic charade I can't thank everybody listed on early in the week the band survivor had a similar reaction Mike Huckabee playing their hockey head eye of the tiger. When came to invest what's released from Jim L. You know my absolute favorite business activities it. The choice music I would say. But I would say in the 92 campaign Clinton gore Fleetwood Mac song we are afraid it's not stop thinking about Martin that the I didn't helped it they got approval. First yes Sarah Palin news in 2008 barracuda. And data collected Hart did not like that we'll turning out of the White House where President Obama welcomed a distinguished group for the national medal of arts and humanities awards he. Among them was actress Sally he knows she's been a force in Hollywood since the 1960s. As well as advocate for women. And a champion of LG BT. Yes she starred in many classic films two of which earned her best actress Oscar is something the president made reference. We like you. Did we know he was getting go there at of course for her famous acceptance speech there are also receiving a medal of honor. One of the most popular prolific fiction writers of our time Stephen King his many works spent some science fiction. Noted there's pronounces. You can make it's and there are other honorees including. Chef Alice Waters authors Larry McMurtry and temple here me as well as musician who inherited Hmong. OK we move on to music now on the superstar couple beyoncé and easy and news that. They're about to become homeless on ATMs seen house. Is it is reporting how they'd been renting an outlay was sold so now they have to look for new place to call home the Carter family. Made headlines when they decided to move from New York to California. But they had to Bryant. When plans to buy him. Yeah. The older of their rented home reportedly sold the property for 35 million dollars they're looking for homes now in exclusive neighborhood tell. My advice to them there's always air BP and there's who. And finally we're getting a look at. How con man burning that Madoff will get the big screen treatment obviously found out that Clinton hero will playmate off. Along Michelle Pfeiffer is me ups and real well here's a sneak peek. They prevent this the upcoming HBO movie is called the wizard of lives. And that of course is to narrow and I think there would be good time as it may go.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"The legendary rock band has ordered presidential candidate Donald Trump not to use their music during his campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33680225","title":"R.E.M. Tells Trump Not to Use Music","url":"/WNN/video/rem-tells-trump-music-33680225"}