Rosie O'Donnell May Return to 'The View'

Amid shakeup, the former co-host could be primed for return.
2:56 | 07/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rosie O'Donnell May Return to 'The View'
Time now for the -- any apparent comeback from Rosie -- Donna that's right she's back a talk show queen previously co hosted ABC's. -- daytime coffee -- from 2006 to 2007 and he's reportedly been an active negotiations with the network for days and supposedly reached an agreement. Just yesterday there are no details on a contract just yet but should be chatting up -- -- eighteen with the only mainstay so far Whoopi Goldberg. -- teen years are right next to another case of deja Vu Pamela Anderson saying I don't. The husband Rick Solomon quotes the former Baywatch stars reportedly divorcing Solomon. For the second time just six months after walking down the -- in her divorce filing. The 47 year old cites irreconcilable. Differences and Anderson was married to Solomon back in 2007 in their first marriage lasted only a couple of months so how about that provision. In the meantime there's not a whole lot of love for Garth Brooks this morning. And I think that's right -- country music superstar has canceled five sold out shows in Dublin. His comeback concert after the City Council denied permits to two of -- shows. That's leading nearly half a million ticket holders holding the bag -- -- concert promoter hybrid is promising refunds because -- fans were angry. And heartbroken -- got to find some friends in low places and Ireland lap salute you do and they're not asking for refunds yet but sales of Hillary Clinton's book. Have been less than stellar so far -- -- her publisher says -- sales of hard choices dropped substantially. -- only its second week on the market and that's not all people who didn't -- the book apparently aren't reading at at least their electronic copies. Amazon says readers so far have only read 2.4. Percent of her book. Apparently hard choices available hard -- wow and be sure to catch the eyes of a substantial number of readers. President Bush -- Texas ranch that's right I love this it's a rare look inside George W. Bush -- home which will be featured in next month's. Issue of Architectural Digest I would buy that -- epic -- -- Texas ranch home. What's known during his presidency as the western White House here you see the breeze -- where the 43 president reportedly practiced his -- -- passion. To can't. Picture him painting I -- -- very very good in some of here's the living room and then in classic shades of white is seen. And check out the gorgeous swimming pool that was -- really nice I would move bent at gunpoint he should invited some porcelain. -- not get our time now to check out who's blowing up -- birthday candles today. Stopping a list of celebrity birthday Tom Hanks turned fifty years old actor Jimmy -- get this turns 59 Kelly McGillis McGillis -- -- gun -- turns 57 and Fred sap raised from the wonder years is 38 how about that happy birthday to one and call.

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{"id":24480945,"title":"Rosie O'Donnell May Return to 'The View'","duration":"2:56","description":"Amid shakeup, the former co-host could be primed for return.","url":"/WNN/video/rosie-odonnell-return-view-24480945","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}