Teacher Gives a Timeless Look

For 40 straight years a teacher wears the same shirt and vest in class pictures.
2:54 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for Teacher Gives a Timeless Look
-- everybody had a -- teacher along the way right at. Sport that guide Texas through his first grade teacher and he started a tradition forty years ago that he still maintains today back in 1973 he -- -- coffee -- coffee colored wool sweater vest over polyester shirt. For yearbook picture. The very next year inadvertently -- the same thing was a little embarrassment he figured hey at least they look similar. The third year his wife dared him to do it again and did for the last -- -- -- here -- mind. Zero he -- now this is how it started in 1973. He wore the same coffee colored wool sweater vest over polyester shirt. Year after year after year he's still doing it now there he is -- much. All older gentleman his name by the way is dale Kirby -- that is Garland -- how does he stay fit enough to -- So close I guess that Tyler -- -- polyester. -- That's an -- He just didn't steal little more -- -- today of course my question is does he Wear any other time during the year right aren't it was always an hour -- balsam that's. For the one -- got there -- cold. According teacher. I like. Interesting story here -- followers paintings are going global she's only three years older names virus -- -- -- Now why they're going global is very interest that she was diagnosed with autism -- -- Her latest painting sold for 2200. Dollars. She took up this because you know she was -- getting very tense and frustrated parents said they they gave her painting to sort of get her. Get your stress level reduced her attention to detail is so great apparently that she really studied leave this study all you know that on the rain. So she is really locked into those paintings and they've really caught -- And -- say it's great because not only is helping her deal with her autism therapy but they need the money. And it wrapping paper her -- therapy is wells it's really one. I think we'll get one of those online big and a look like -- -- -- -- check it out there will really beautiful at the attention to that I can actually. She's at topless when she's she's right she not. -- -- -- That's okay okay fairly popular Barbie really looks like and I think. Around the world people are saying -- -- my when he got to make apartment that looks like a real art dealer real woman mother that guy from my ideals dot com and use the CDC measurements of a nineteen year old woman to figure out what a real Barbie would look like if she had -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- There she yeah. That's compared to the real -- that -- let everything that's not attainable. Back -- real army not attainable and also now he's asking how long apartment house are making what a real woman who looks like because the other one -- Yeah. Right that's the deal should we look -- why the -- learn -- -- Alex.

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{"id":19562219,"title":"Teacher Gives a Timeless Look","duration":"2:54","description":"For 40 straight years a teacher wears the same shirt and vest in class pictures.","url":"/WNN/video/teacher-timeless-19562219","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}