Thanksgiving turkey tips

Butterball's Nicole Johnson swings by with a few high-tech tips on how to perfectly prepare your Thanksgiving turkey.
4:13 | 11/22/18

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Transcript for Thanksgiving turkey tips
Oh and. It's been a Thanksgiving tradition for nearly forty years Turkey experts Manning the phones and the butterball. Turkey talk line. But this year a high tech twist you get out happen duster he tips with Amazon's Alexa. Joining us now is fireballs Nicole Johnson. Nicole good morning so you weren't I can't think how do you giving Alexa it's got to save a lot of dinners today. I know she really is it should. One of the many ways you can get our information they share potter volunteer to help you. Hosts like Abbas so in addition to congress at 1800 by her bond you can send a simple Leon you think tax that's. Now you can ask a lax to ask fireball. You're Kirk questions a hobby study because anybody can normally say hail X the Bob lout but how do you get to that aspect of it's real easy elect's son asked fighter while how to like Tom my Turkey. The little bit tricky is an important step. I can help you calculate toilet tank learned quick fun that's it or cook is still frozen Turkey. Or. Is that girlfriend learn about. You recognize that sorry dad card yeah. Get actually gag regardless there that I are did he top flight acts and that we give margin there you can begin your canteen with your. Kids your hand can be busy stuffing a Turkey or national that the K Ellis. Underneath it merges boys Christopher back that's our Turkey talk playing experts I have. All the information built and yet still sat everything so very easy re in the kitchen. So where we start though with this with this thought. Butterball right and that's been growing question we get is how to Michael Bob find my Turk did. So who Satan acceptable match they'd get one as refrigeration Matt that it takes 24 hours. For every four pounds of triple dip on your fridge. So they're calling out you first have to do math. I Philip you have a good sized Turkey like this this is about sixteen pounds if I can't take four days in your fridge but not to worry we get that call close to Thanksgiving Day a couple of where have I got to start at nine Pratt says. He other acceptable safe Matt that is the cold water bath it's a much faster method. To cap our per pound. So again I. Sixteen pounds eight hour and is it socially acceptable to put in your tub. Think that come about they're now you know you asked dad but we get that question all the time. We get that question and that you know as long that the cold water bath mat that ideally changing that water every half hour your saint. Cynical it that even takes eight hours. What is too late today to stir cooking your Turkey birds flying. Forget it here to go and that's your bird yeah I had a lot to do anything we certainly well. Another common question we get though is how doing telling my Turkey's dime. It this is it'll be your best friend on Thanksgiving Day your meat thermometer OK I personally working eight hour shift on Thanksgiving Day many emails phone answering asking us and my husband is on Turkey duty at home for our for a little butter brought. So he now admits. Blunt said Indian Nebraska when your Turkey's done. Just like I can't media's part of breast can and then 180 in the deep thigh muscle. Okay but two reads 170 brass and 180 from that time the says it's spring temperatures. Put a lot of people will call me can hear where the final reads rule to be Padilla need to have a more visual. I come hop on the bottom while website with a lot of how to that he Ellis. They show you exactly where it goes Nebraska are exactly where it goes in the process just such it's a long long process every in from the flying to the cooking itself takes a while. No cooking turkeys really super easy and I pay costs. Their IRA good yeah. At a local thank you so much from Thanksgiving charities and other Turkey top tips visit our website W and and fans are content. About political Johnson think you for joining us Gatti Thanksgiving erotic world news now.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Butterball's Nicole Johnson swings by with a few high-tech tips on how to perfectly prepare your Thanksgiving turkey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59359428","title":"Thanksgiving turkey tips","url":"/WNN/video/thanksgiving-turkey-tips-59359428"}