Thanksgiving turkey tips

Kenneth Moton and Butterball’s Carol Miller head to the World News Now kitchen to show us how to air fry a tasty turkey for your holiday festivities.
4:01 | 11/28/19

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Transcript for Thanksgiving turkey tips
Happy Thanksgiving to rewind it and of course some back for the first segment on this Turkey they were checking out a quicker and cleaner way to cook that bird. Joining us is Morton is butterball Turkey talk line experts Carol Miller. Carol good morning welcome oldest mountain mining Janet you gotta spread for us. He did lead Gil you know for the past four decades. Better ball his wife stupid generations past and the tradition of Thanksgiving. The new millennium as they are not going to cook at the way Graham hinted at using hot Air France 08. Personally and I heard about this hot air fire and everyone is doing it it even fate come over out. I'll verify some been awarded a crazy yeah it looks like that things of people are airplane the Turkey. Yeah and we tested in this summer before we started talking in November. And it's really simple it's like a tiny conviction of Andrew so you can't put a big Turkey and that what you can do. But like abreast of Cherokee so that you might have a tricky in the oven right on the drill. I think you get your rest of Cherokee to serve also it's really easy extended to 350. And is a little casket in there with the with the rest. The it takes 1416. Minutes per pound. You turned it over you off still based until it gets nice and brown. It's wonderful. It keeps a lot of the flavor yet she assists and really want a nice juicy Turkey and I hope to right. But no matter how you plan to cook your Turkey there's a couple of things and they T need to do. If you doing it in the backyard and in the oven or whatever. First you want to make share that she's getting pounded at her person that's generous some leftovers which is important. You also investigated. Side. In takes much longer than people think it's one day for every four pounds of Turkey. Slay the tricky in the refrigerator and a tray. And just forget about so hopefully people have. It's article thawing process at this point amount and right right and media to do it quicker you do it in cold water and just give us a call will. We'll set that information to you. I admit I'm these two. Yes. But vs miss this with Jeremy. I just come young. An elegant scary and a flat even give me how to get started what's your biggest piece of advice for someone who is getting that Turkey ready. And the meat thermometer before eating and think about. You know getting the tree he read it. You know it's the only way you can tell if the taking is done he can't look at it but the color. You can't look and by the time it suggest to cut it he need to know it internal muscle list and this window. And a mechanism rut take the American appointed in. And there's three places. Deacon and in its size and weight down there 180 in the thick breast. 17. NDC year a family that stuff the Turkey. It doesn't come out of the oven until it's 165. In the senator this stuff got a so why are sixteenth killing 18180. 17. 651 inning LA but above that come they had all that information so you don't have to remember that. Marvel helping us out here do you have some tips on the side is welcome grade grade these and Aaron iron that but around. That come perhaps great recipes an awful coat that you can go there to calculate how much to back. 325. Degree of in Holland it's gonna take to get in there. If this officer tonight's have left bill whereas if that thing had to Vegas city have to pack. Go and watch the video. You go. That's sent by Carol there for these and other Turkey tips check out the Turkey talk line at butterball dot com. Butter balls Carol Miller thank you so much for joining us on this Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving everyone we will be right back. You're watching.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Kenneth Moton and Butterball’s Carol Miller head to the World News Now kitchen to show us how to air fry a tasty turkey for your holiday festivities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67375188","title":"Thanksgiving turkey tips","url":"/WNN/video/thanksgiving-turkey-tips-67375188"}