Ben H. Named The New 'Bachelor'

Ben Higgins from season 11 of "The Bachelorette" was named as the next "Bachelor," set to premiere in January.
4:42 | 08/25/15

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Transcript for Ben H. Named The New 'Bachelor'
Don't interrupt this broadcast we have breaking news overnight we have a new bachelor repeat a new bachelor. Has been named to the backs. And taking on that role for the twentieth season. Will be Ben H. It was announced last night at the end of bachelor in paradise after paradise with Chris Harrison. Bringing out Ben whose last name is Higgins he was asked if she was ready to get down on one knee and propose after it was all said and done. I get that question lots I'm 26 years old people think that's young. A lot of my my closest friends are made they're starting their families I have a great great example of love to my parents and to grandparents and in family. I'm ready for I'm excited to start now sharing life with somebody ready for the shirtless scenes of oak. So now we know what that's our senior and she hadn't been give us your T Jack will be back at bat well who run thank you good thanks Dramamine words we have been well is is is a nice guy. You know what you're saying is on offensive. That's not great it now that's not well you know Dalis is. Obviously we saw him on what became Caitlin season here. Or diseases software salesman who lives in Denver he grew up in Indiana and didn't he just grow up. This fellow is six foot four house so. Bachelor Ben is a big boys as it is today. He's they is an avid traveler. No we saw him with Caitlin over an all Ireland if the fan in the fantasy suite right there big things went well for them that night but it didn't go too well for Ben H in the end. So much for that Bennett says he likes hoops hiking fishing and stimulating. Conversation. I heard all right that I mean. Write to an uptight right now some advice from the analysts to (%expletive) go wrote here then. Be yourself. You can't be anyone else. Dolby is boring as Chris a former. And then please. Just don't be Juan Pablo. It's. Isn't corny of the bachelor. Is here on ABC in January 20 sixteen. I can't add to that means that nick VOK should be back here on ABC in February of twenty to sixteen. It's time for the bachelor gulf. Thanks for other would look very aggressive thank you very much senior analyst projection everyone Jack thank you very much it's obvious edits to. Yeah I learned everything I need to know now but the best he always bills that are when it all right. We are turning out to another bachelor and bachelorette. The singles superstars sparking rumors of a possible romance we are talking about hip hop star Drake in tennis phenom Serena Williams. Drake was seen cheering Serena pondering what Walton cheering on the top women's player in the world that is but judging from new photos from TMC Drake. Teams have moved in as Serena has new doubles partner in there they are Cincinnati apparently celebrating after williams' big win of the turn at this past weekend. And any privacy. Although the two are said to be close some reps for the stars denied all their relationship rumors despite those pictures well we should note. Though that the US open starts today so keep an eye out for. Our favorite Canadian over the next couple weeks can look close. They should do but. They're denying it right now a pack rat expert straight a very important. The first cadets dip from next season's Dancing With The Stars. An announced ahead of the rest of the pack near what it the seventeen year old has been following in the footsteps of her late father. Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin documenting wildlife and yesterday talked on GMA about moving to Los Angeles with her family for the competition. I'm not my little brother wrote that he would hit them and it's about is put me through out and I just hope that my dad's hot whoever it is is right patients. And likes. Render. I don't I am a huge fan of hers and his wonderful edge also said she's more steered the show's judges. Then she's a wrangling crocodiles. The new season of dancing the stars will premiere Monday September 14. Right here at ABC toward two watching her all right finally George Clooney have being a little fun doing a little photo bombing and you could argue that. He's the least good looking one in the photo. OK well let's see Phil there's Clooney popping up in the background while Cindy Crawford. And husband Randy Gerber sharing romantic moment in it beat top SAT me Ingles Crawford posting this picture and into Graham they were there. For some did you Clooney's branded tequila bottle makes cents zero L makes sense now.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Ben Higgins from season 11 of \"The Bachelorette\" was named as the next \"Bachelor,\" set to premiere in January.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33297913","title":"Ben H. Named The New 'Bachelor'","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-ben-named-bachelor-33297913"}