Nope To Dope

The Philadelphia Police Department used an old "Saved by the Bell" episode for their latest anti-drug PSA.
2:49 | 08/17/15

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Transcript for Nope To Dope
-- time now for them mix. Used to watching fact that all the time my favorite so love nor enough love that shows of one of the classic episodes. When they did a PSA telling kids stay off drugs very special episode that sort of mid did Jesse Hispano. OK well Philadelphia Police Department is has their own take on it at you have to check this out the middle to late alteration to that PM that night. Crazy. Dangerous. Stinks. In one word what I ease don't. Nope. These kids are right. Drugs were hurt your mind your body and your life. I own police commissioner Charles Ramsey. I've got to hit idea for the new fall season. Don't do drugs. What happened mister bell say it isn't hasn't wasn't good enough and it through the police commissioner and there they posted this to they're YouTube channel. No big explanation that's just their way of telling kids it's. Since cornea that was it always always love seeing those guys together no matter what I do everything to bring back up. I'm all I went out all right so it's hard to get up in the morning rep for most of us it's that time telling them it. Still there was one mom who was at outer wit's end with her ten year old daughter so she decided. You had to go to an extreme to get her daughter to Waco. Of the ragtime band called. Wrong. You know little girl get up I'm going to go. My new installment. From crying in the night. This would be fine and yeah. This is. Known to man. And for the month double the radio stations helped make this happen that you got a phone call from the radio station saying hey your mom that truly holding the phone that's a radio station. Saying that would get when you don't wake up just out there it is. I guess I am a big fan of ice cream and I also like Rama noodles but I don't think I wanna tie them together. But it has been created. The fine folks at in the UDL look good honoring cup noodle they've come up with. Two flavors of ice cream that come in the cup noodle thing and it's but we have this joyfully birds. Men what is the other what I missed the net. Boys looking but they got they got to shrimp on top of it just like of the Roman. That is just I think that's I don't know which is worse than the band and a better armored I scream at his pipe bomb in. I don't know but donors everywhere rejoice festival world. I read that of the over the mix and that'll do it for news this half hour. Coming up more news from AB CA let us.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"The Philadelphia Police Department used an old \"Saved by the Bell\" episode for their latest anti-drug PSA. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33126667","title":"Nope To Dope","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-nope-dope-33126667"}