Puns From Ikea Labels

A man at Ikea irritates his girlfriend by creating puns from the store's furniture labels.
2:53 | 08/25/15

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And now it's time for the next I think is next video is a sign of true love when you really love someone to couple. They do their annual I guess I Kia shock right now moving into new place that you have to take a ritual tourists. He ends up taking all the get to hear names for furniture and doing crazy hunt that his girlfriend tolerates got to see this. Oh start your mark right now. On what has been thought we hear more meat supply Joseph lateral well Donna what can be Garth says that a miniature horse race. Good luck Tony current. On so skilled at these are not. Enough. All star could fuel meet certain. Go it. I don't I think it is it is and she was very tie it didn't what you gotta find something to do in Iranian at a key for a yeah hours on a besides someone meatballs and pretend to not be checking scores you know. And I have to say that I would never look at IKEA labels to get well done very creative very very creative young man very creative all right these days Donald Trump. Is everywhere we see him everywhere. But one woman Missouri. Spit she saw him in her butter. Let's take a look Jill bit of a brand new. Package of butter. And she thinks that looks like doc which profound don't think it looks like the screen on a good deli and you know what cast Richard there's the right side. Give you a better idea NIC kind of it's you're looking at. You know so. That is Donald Trump and butter believe it or not. Who did pretty close call there I think that that. This next video you could cause the silence and advocating the rooms there's zombie apocalypse yup this could be came guru apocalypse. This man of rolls up into this field and all of a sudden that kangaroos. Go silent for this Australian cyclists take a look. Going down that is creepy rolling around. It's like they're frozen in time motionless not think well there's wanted to aggravated solo pop pop pop but. But it's like. What did they know that we don't know about the cycle list. And we yeah. The path. I know maybe I should not go down that road. All right could be kangaroo would sue a water aerobics instructor in Spain I really popular these days. That he can do this. They gotten. On him. All the single ladies. So not it's not sure is to teach and it he's got the moon. You have like Jagger and like beyoncé and like everyone else he's he's really taken over hyping the Anthony invited to a concert. That's pretty good little back up dancing we are gonna see a couple of touchdown dances this football season them in this. Mark my words. Have you heard it here first said the bill for the makes.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"A man at Ikea irritates his girlfriend by creating puns from the store's furniture labels.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33297962","title":"Puns From Ikea Labels","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-puns-ikea-labels-33297962"}