New World Record for Longest Plank

Retired Marine George E. Hood holds the new Guinness World Record for holding the longest abdominal plank.
2:53 | 06/01/15

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Transcript for New World Record for Longest Plank
Like the means excellent defense got them. You're the first person unanimously agree they easy to please ask everybody a complaint I think it's great we loved him. The book that's different stick by that it. It's very today though first ever planking competition a former Murray and is now the record holder for the longest play how well you know the answer this yet planes plus. Five hours fifty minutes and fifteen seconds. This is unbelievable that somebody could Davis Love that's in this position he did it. Part of a fund raiser to benefit fund for injured US service members no surprise the personal trainer he didn't exercise instructor he spent nine months training for this. 46 hours of training for day. This guy has. A lot of time to train I feel bad for the guy oh for more over in Europe. Who just set a world record it was just last week. Then my little thing like four hour and half hours I would like to point out that I had of planking compass and my friends after drinking one night after drinking two minutes baby papal OK what about free drinking. Follow you through a minute thirty. I can do hurricane veteran like this would just do. I like this music you've seen but in my life OK if. Not at all make that America but for borrowers have their next I got. No country's favorite athlete America's favorite athlete athlete let me still do you that's helped. Now he has very college Spitzer. From saint Thomas bobcats get a IA school. His name and then and Jeff now he's not a great pitcher in the world CRA's wolf four point seven want to finish the season three had to do with his record. But what do you noted that the will differed about. Did big book much. Pubic bush did his thing bounded his head cut again you are very positive it's six to 300 pounds. That the video is good gotten out there because you know has gone a little bar because yes he looked puzzled look like the rest of the pitchers he's being a sport about it all these nicknames Benny the bull. In some miracle baby all comes the hope Clinton circle yeah but he's a big boy it's a different have different. Right in the inside deep inside of less than it can occur match and I actually don't buy this but I'm still kind of preventive straight down the middle they're gonna dog in China that supposedly knows how to count so people in the crowd the crowd can't because they're taking it we'll ask kidneys map question and he taps. The little bell to give you the answer requests to meet caps of five time seeking go up to ten. We can get to double digit somebody asked him five plus five he was able to say ten this is over and this isn't China's yes I guess that we we could. No they're asking. For doing about that Google's going to let the all of this could just totally different bath and I'm very very Smart the after the journalists and 13 attempt to go from Canada. Right back.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Retired Marine George E. Hood holds the new Guinness World Record for holding the longest abdominal plank. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31437343","title":"New World Record for Longest Plank","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-world-record-longest-plank-31437343"}