Worst Driving Test Ever

A woman in South Korea flips a car over during her driving test.
2:54 | 08/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Worst Driving Test Ever
-- next time I just absolutely love this next one comes from Korea -- site YouTube it to driving just opened up -- -- -- -- -- -- -- driving -- The -- getting ready to start the car he -- the test in seven seconds flat -- it's caught on dash -- now let's take -- -- Can't believe -- -- I want to bring out OK we'll have it. What you want. And that means and it could be. Fail and in fact the car flips -- -- Can you believe -- the best camera catches everything it rolled over on its side and flips and the apparently did translation in Korean. It's great -- it again we'll just have some fun but apparently that driving instructor says. Break break break. Believe. -- go every though that the car starts turning over on its side right about here okay although he says. What is the right what do you know I'm not know -- to get us federal your -- thing I have going currently get out of this car. Days ago I have the cancellation of election Wednesday -- cleared up. It sounds the same body language takes an expletive doesn't pop -- -- Reliever now failed in seventh second I put my driver -- -- at. Yeah and net gain okay here's the video that you're actually -- watching -- -- Soderbergh. Unused neighbors called the true story AS eighteenth. Have posted -- The video of themselves. They usually they're pranksters but this time they changed the tone a little bit in this video it's called. Make the homeless smile and it features the three people the three members of this -- group here. Handing out water food money and clothes and it's a homeless people get through -- all wanted to return -- -- -- and and -- you can see there. They don't get a -- return that -- -- sleeping they still leave the stuff -- it. You know for the homeless feel that they say -- intention with this video is to make art that make their days and make you guys always -- positive to others now they got a little bit of fame. Because they've started video that was called -- a month from person in Wichita administrators to promote an understanding is not -- a -- Young Muslim that you two birds faircloth gets -- all right. This -- -- strange what out of the Bay Area San Francisco police searching for two guys who lord two other guys to an apartment where they were robbed. Posing as a woman on an online dating site and I of their owners -- was. My fantasy is to have sex on a bed of 2000 dollars cash spread out. Others this woman on that says I want to have sex on top -- pile of cash OK the two men. Different times go to this place wait -- -- now we've got 2000 death to got a lot of guns I have no chick that -- -- -- -- -- then get in the 2000 dollars stolen left a police a look at four. I step up you -- in -- -- basic 50000. Home trying to run over me.

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{"id":19879097,"title":"Worst Driving Test Ever","duration":"2:54","description":"A woman in South Korea flips a car over during her driving test.","url":"/WNN/video/worst-driving-test-19879097","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}