11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Turns Lemons to Lemonade

How one little girl turned her lemonade stand into a $60,0000 deal.
1:29 | 03/31/16

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Transcript for 11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Turns Lemons to Lemonade
♪ ♪ Finally, made in America. Made in your kitchen, sold in the front yard. The 11-year-old and her pitch. In Austin, Texas, tonight, 11-year-old Makela hard at work. I can do something really big in this world. Reporter: It all started in kindergarten, when she got stung by two bees in one week. She started studying them, realizing they're not so bad after all. They're a valuable part of our ecosystem and pesticides are killing many of the bees off. Our bigger mission is to educate families about learning how to save the bees. Reporter: Her own plan? To use honey from the bees instead of sugar in her great grandmother Helen's lemonade recipe. Turning to "Shark tank" and the sharks for help. Hello, sharks. I'm the owner of bee sting lemonade and today, I'm here to ask for $60,000 for 10% of my company. When was the last time I tried something so good and refreshing, wondered, could this be good for me? Reporter: Damon John offering her the 60 grand, but for 20% of the company. It's a deal. Yes! Reporter: Tonight, business booming. Working from her home office. What's the update on finance? Reporter: Mom, dad, the whole family. Striking a deal with whole foods. Now sold in dozens of stores across four states. Even getting attention from the white house. A sweet idea made in America. We love her. Sweet deal. I'm David Muir. I hope to see cancer

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{"duration":"1:29","description":"How one little girl turned her lemonade stand into a $60,0000 deal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"38069771","title":"11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Turns Lemons to Lemonade","url":"/WNT/video/11-year-entrepreneur-turns-lemons-lemonade-38069771"}