14 Deaths Blamed on the Weather in Just Four Days

As one severe storm wraps up, a new system is on the way.
2:45 | 11/30/15

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Transcript for 14 Deaths Blamed on the Weather in Just Four Days
The suspect will be in court for tomorrow. Tom? The new system on the way. Treacherous rain, ice and deadly flash floods. 14 deaths blamed on the weather since Thursday. In central Oklahoma, more than an inch of ice bringing down a row of power lines, plunging tens of thousands into the dark. And this truck driver after heavy rains in Texas and snow making for treacherous driving. This car in Utah, spinning out, barely missing another. Accident on the side of the road. Philip Mena tonight. Reporter: A treacherous mix of ice, snow and rain this weekend and don't, a dangerous drive for millions on the move. So many trees down. Reporter: El Reno, Oklahoma, cripped by more Nan an inch of ice. Roads turning into obstacle courses, ice covering trees like a blanket, falling limbs crushing cars. Tyler French says it'll take him a week to clean up the damage at his house. What did it sound like when this massive tree came apart? Well, it kinda sounded like a shotgun going off like a big crack. It's coming down! Reporter: Power lines collapsing. The street light exploding. At its peak, more than 100,000 without power. Weather blamed for at least 14 deaths in Texas and Kansas since Thursday. The driver of this vehicle into a creek. A female stuck in a vehicle with water pouring in. Three good samaritans able to reach her just in time. She was able to reach ore arm out and I got her by hand. Reporter: Outside Oklahoma City, we met the kearnnys trying to get home to Colorado. How do you feel about the drive? It has to happen. I'm not looking forward to it. But it has to happen. Reporter: A nine-hour drive ahead of them. Here in Oklahoma, thousands are still without power. The governor declaring a state of emergency to get this area back up and running. Tom? Philip, thank you. ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano is here. The holiday storm is on the way out but another storm is on the way in? What is feeding the storm is moving to the plains and that is going to bring the snow and winter weather. The watches and warnings from cast up to the Canadian border, winter storm warnings in some places. The snow in Denver, moving to the plains and tomorrow morning, expanding by 7:00 P.M. Tomorrow night. That is when it starting to come down. And we are not hour V sure long long it's going to Han around. And it will determine how much snow they get. 5 to 10 inches, some spots could see a foot of snow. In if they get more snow, it will be the most they have seen in over a year.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"As one severe storm wraps up, a new system is on the way. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35481022","title":"14 Deaths Blamed on the Weather in Just Four Days","url":"/WNT/video/14-deaths-blamed-weather-days-35481022"}