Airport employee steals plane and crashes 30 miles away

A 29-year-old ground employee halts busy airport in Seattle after taking off in a stolen turbo-prop plane, doing loops and rolls before crashing and dying.
4:06 | 08/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Airport employee steals plane and crashes 30 miles away
Tonight wh the deadly Dra iies over Seattle. An employee with horizon air, king off fm seattle-coma airpin a sn turbopro plane. YOS. Fighterets tracking that rogue plane. No pses on board. Only the lone pilot whose authoritiecalled sda tonight, we're learning much UT the 29-year-old ground employee accused of bringing tsy airport T ltng so many lives at risk. C's claytosandell is in attle,ing us off GHT. Oh, my god! Oh my god! Is he okay order: Thelarming cs of a passengerline. Bleep ]! Hoep ]! Holy ! Holy ! Reporter:ooping and rolling,ursued by fighter jets. That's an Alaska airlines q400 what the -- ihe doing sho that planestolen, surprising controllers when it bad onto the run. The dash-8 on runway 16 center, say your call sign. Reporter: Taking Friday M. Isare smokinft and right, and right now he's rolling Repter: At thcontrols 29eaard Russell. A Hori baggage hebackgroundhecks and worked for horizon for 3 year even posting about his B on YouTube and I'm around serve agent. Thatns I lift lot of bag scramble from, Portland fly reporter: F-15 fighters scrale from, ptland fly faster tn the speed of sound toeattle intcessell. They are prepato shoot him do, lers try to talk him down. All right, rich, now, let's that airpne safely and not the ground. I don't know man,on't kn N't want T I was kind of hoping that was going toe Reporter: 75 minutes after takeoff, the plane crashnto Ames on a all island Russell is killed. I G lot of people that care aboe it's going to disapt them Thai did this. I would like to apologize ea and eve one of them ter: Commeial airplanes do not have doocks or ignitiokeys. Exthey easily started ING a checist. Butonight,here are B questions about how Russell was LE to learjust Eno described Russell as suicidal. Layton Sandell joins us liutside theeattle airrt E that pla took off. Multiple agencies involved. But the charge of the inst rhat's right W Toni tity at the scene is flying those flignd voice rorders in E wreckage the FBI said this does not appear be terrosm a big flag for aviation cu thrline said it's torly to talk about whether security procedures nee be beefedp. Whit. THA you. Let's bring in our ABC news pilot. Steve, in thist-9/11 wor, th man wasble to ACCs the cockpit of a commercial airliner and then tf from a major U.S. Airport. How could this happen? whit,e need to keep persivisjuy that jumped the fence at sea-tac, ranout and STE an aire. Th tloyee. He used that trust to gain access to the airplane. To start, taxi takeoff and fly this airplane art commit his suicide plan. Colonel, as you mentd, this grounds service eye hacess to thpl technically no security breach here, hodifficulis it for airlines to prevenincidents lihis? No doubor Alaska and everrline will gback and lk at the procedures to make sure they're eping inapopriate ople the cockp. When employees are dealing Al health ishey don't T ody, they create these sec suicidelo Noth the airline can do to stop these incts. Colonel, really eciate Switching to politics now

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"A 29-year-old ground employee halts busy airport in Seattle after taking off in a stolen turbo-prop plane, doing loops and rolls before crashing and dying.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57142937","title":"Airport employee steals plane and crashes 30 miles away","url":"/WNT/video/airport-employee-steals-plane-crashes-30-miles-57142937"}