Alabama tornadoes devastate towns, leaving at least 23 dead

The shattering tornadoes that plowed through Lee County, Alabama, killed at least 23 people and left a path of destruction.
5:26 | 03/05/19

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Transcript for Alabama tornadoes devastate towns, leaving at least 23 dead
Tonight, we're on the scene, the deadly tornadoes. The damage here unimaginable. Tonight, at least 23 dead. Authorities telling us here they will search into the night, homes lifted off their foundations, carried into the air. And we were here when they upgraded this tornado, an ef-4. Winds 170 miles per hour. A mile wide. And tonight, the sheriff here taking us past the barriers, showing us some of the worst of the devastation. The scare on the passenger jet in the northeast tonight. Part of the landing gear tearing off. The death of an actor. Luke Perry has died. The star of "Beverly hills 90210" and "Riverdale." He was just 52. On the hill tonight, Democrats on the hunt. Launching several investigations into the president, his family, his finances. What they want from don Jr. And Eric Trump. And they're now demanding the notes from the conversations the presidents had with Vladimir The interview just coming in tonight. The two young sisters surviving nearly 48 hours stranded in the woods, freezing rain and cold. How they stayed alive. The unthinkable crime. The mother killed. Her family telling authorities it was a panhandler. Instead, tonight, police say it was them. The husband and step-daughter now charged in her murder. The CEO of the San Francisco giants, the video of the altercation with his wife. And what the CEO has just revealed tonight. And the drives in their cars when an avalanche of snow buries them. And good evening tonight from Beauregard, Alabama, the center of a tornado disaster zone stretching across four states tonight. At least 40 tornadoes reported, leaving an enormous trail of death and destruction. Here in this community alone, at least 23 dead. In fact, the sheriff here telling me today, entire families were killed in their homes together. You can see behind me here tonight, this home lifted right off its foundation. Actually flipped right over. And the cars and trucks in nearly every driveway as you pass through these neighborhoods, are crushed. You can see the windows blown out. Or treeing sitting right on top of them. The worst of the tornadoes struck rear height. We were here when they actually came out and revealed this was actually stronger than first thought, an ef-4 now, they're saying, with winds 170 miles an hour. On the ground, think about this, it was a mile wide, 24 miles long, this path. Homes, entire neighborhoods gone tonight. Devastation across several states. In Georgia, a tornado ripping buildings apart. Neighbors there holding hands and praying along their shattered street. And here in beregard, they are mourning the dead tonight. Today, we learned the youngest is just 6 years old. I remember standing in Moore, Oklahoma, several years back. It was horrific then. And tonight, they say this is the deadliest tornado to hit since then. Tonight, communities across the south ravaged. The Alabama community of Beauregard def stated by two tornadoes that struck through at the same time, taking a similar past, crossing over one another. Today, investigators on the ground upgrading the deadliest of the two to an ef-4. You just learned that a short time ago. Yes. Reporter: And ef-4. That's correct. Reporter: Winds of 170 miles per hour? Yes. Reporter: Traveling at 170 miles per hour, carving a path nearly a mile wide. In the end, a path of destruction 24 miles long. Among the dead, at least three children, including a fourth grader, Taylor Thornton. Local officials saying today this is the worst natural disasers, and the deadliest tornado since Moore, Oklahoma. The sheriff took us past the barriers today to show us the worst of the devastation. Homes with entire families inside lost in them. Two generations of people in some cases, all in one home and unfortunately, became victims of the storm. Reporter: None of them survived? None. The ones that we located, they did not survive. That is correct. Reporter: First responders working in the overnight hours, searching for stur vie vors. And we're told tonight the searching will continue into the evening hours again. Going home to home, combing through debris. It began Sunday afternoon. The eerie, ominous sound of those emergency sirens blaring, ringing out across neighborhoods. Oh, my good, dude. Tornado. Oh, my god. Reporter: In fact, several dozen tornadoes tear across four states. Holy cow, holy cow. Reporter: Sparks seen in the distance. The pounding rain. People sheltering wherever they could. In this bowling alley in ft. Benning, Georgia. All of them thankful to be I thank the lord. You tell the god thank you. Reporter: Leshobia Daniels and her family huddled together in their bath tub. I just noticed that the wind was picking up, but I look gd outside, and I saw my horse running and the wind blowing. That when my husband asked me what was wrong, and I was like, I think it's a tornado. Reporter: Her next door neighbor's house destroyed. The neighbors did survive this. And they were grateful they survived, too. Communities tonight grappling with the toll. Homes smashed to pieces, vehicles overturned. The roof ripped right off this local sports bar. Surveillance video capturing the terrifying moments the tornado sliced it open. You can see the beds from the home, and this is what's left from inside the house. And it used to be sitting a good 100 feet in that direction, homes were lifted off the ground and carried in the air. Sherry and her husband returning to this property. The family just sold this home to a couple months ago. They fear the news isn't good. What was the age range of the couple that bought this house? They were young. They were in their 20s. They were young. Reporter: 20s? Yeah. Reporter: And they didn't survive? We haven't found them. We don't know. We don't know. Reporter: And standing with her husband, Billy, we looked out at the horizon. Every home gone. You know this area and your wife was just trying to describe, she was telling me that there were homes all through here. Sure. Yes, sir. All over the place. Yeah. Not anymore, but -- The devastation, the destruction, really as far as the eye can see here. And one of the things I asked the sheriff here is, how much time did families have, were there warnings? He said, there were. Alerts on TV and on the phone and the minutes right before this tornado touched down. The meteorologists had been talking about severe weather since last Thursday here. But he said this tornado came in so quickly, it was so power. Even for families who had, you know, safe places in parts of their home or places to run to if a tornado were to hit, it

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"The shattering tornadoes that plowed through Lee County, Alabama, killed at least 23 people and left a path of destruction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61467363","title":"Alabama tornadoes devastate towns, leaving at least 23 dead","url":"/WNT/video/alabama-tornadoes-devastate-towns-leaving-23-dead-61467363"}