Americans Answer Call to Action and Buy US-Made Holiday Gifts

The Made in America team asks viewers to buy products made in U.S. for busy holiday season.
3:00 | 12/06/13

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Transcript for Americans Answer Call to Action and Buy US-Made Holiday Gifts
On the subject of , our made in america team is back tonight. And thousands of you have already told us, you are in, and ready to buy american made gifts. It's this christmas season. What a gift to give. Even just one thing could help create thousands of new jobs right here at home. You are signing up to give american workers a merry christmas, and abc's anchor david muir, captain of the team with us tonight. Diane, we have reported on clothing right here, asking the simple question is anything made here in america any more. Well, tonight not only are these jeans made here, this number right here is about to reveal everything. Right down to the farmer, who grew the cotton. This week, our kickoff, made in america december to remember. And the age old question from santa. What would you like me to bring you for christmas? Will it be made in america? Abc world news. How much do you think is made in america? Stumped. But something else we noticed, something different this year. World news tonight. Reporter: Before we could even ask. And tonight those families already sending us the proof. Thousands already tweeting and sending us videos. Everything we purchased this year is made in america. Reporter: Everything? Made in america. Reporter: She's still going. And going. And going. Of course when the party is ready to get going we have texas wine. Reporter: Diane from south carolina. You can drink wine or here in the south we have sweet tea. Reporter: Wineglasses made by art ware by rebecca. And this couple from new jersey setting up their camera walking into frame, taking this seriously. This year, they are getting jeans made in america. We heard a lot of that. Clothes actually made here again. We have reported on that number, 98% of clothes made somewhere else in the world, just 2% made here. American giants tonight making giant inroads. Those hoodize made from american cotton, and after all those situps a knockout punch for business since we first zipped up they have gone from one factory to five now. Made in america. Reporter: And this new message from the all american clothing company in ohio. We are in. Reporter: Listen to the pledge. We can chase each pair of jeans back to the american farmer who made the cotton. Reporter: Enter the code it takes you to the farmer who grew the cotton. We tested it out. Ordered a pair of jeans, put in the number, and look, we met the farmers from ohio. Hi, david, hi, america. We're the nichols family. Our jeans are made in america. Reporter: Our thanks to the nichols, a snowy night on the farm. And the t-shirts, that american flag wrapped around their mission, made here, sold here. Look on the left. Proudly designed in california, and on the right something else we noticed t-shirts they called the sawyer. The sawyer, they have brand new designs, diane I got one for you. The company that makes the sawyer for the sawyer. You will look good this weekend. This sawyer loves that. Hello to the workers who made it. This is great. We were hoping clothing would make it back in this country. Next tonight steering out of

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Made in America team asks viewers to buy products made in U.S. for busy holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"21130458","title":"Americans Answer Call to Action and Buy US-Made Holiday Gifts","url":"/WNT/video/americans-answer-call-action-buy-us-made-holiday-21130458"}