Bird Flu Death Toll Rises as Disease Spreads

60 confirmed cases and two more deaths add to outbreak of avian flu in China.
1:56 | 04/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bird Flu Death Toll Rises as Disease Spreads
where the deadly bird flu is on the move. The virus has arrived in yet another province. What's making it so hard to track, there's no clue which birds are carriers because it doesn't make them sick. And while there's still no evidence it's passing from human-to-human, a sharp uptick tonight. 60 confirmed cases and 2 more deaths. The death toll now at 13. Abc's medical editor, dr. Richard besser, is on the ground in china again tonight. Reporter: China is on high alert tonight. Not because of the crisis in north korea, but because the deadly new strain of bird flu is extending its reach. Beginning in shanghai, it has been inching its way across the map. Slowly connecting the dots between the eastern provinces, to the nation's capital, beijing, where a case was reported late yesterday. Health officials are warning this outbreak is still far from contained. We still expect there will be other cases. Awareness is now very high. Reporter: Today, we traveled to hong kong's border with the mainland. The major fear here is that viruses don't care about borders. All of these people are coming from mainland china. You can understand why in hong kong they are concerned about any health problem that's on the mainland. It's not going to stay there. It's not just the tens of thousands of people who cross this border every day, but also the live poultry. Hong kong chicken very good. Reporter: A lot of that poultry ends up in places like this, crowded open-air markets. There is now a growing backlash for the practice. One local newspaper writing that hong kong sound reconsider a ban on all live poultry stalls. Tonight, the cdc is making strides, developing a diagnostic kit that can easily identify the virus. But scientists will need all the time they can get to develop a viable immunization. Hopefully, before the outbreak makes another leap. We're going to be visiting the isolation wards that hong kong has set up in case the flu continues to spread. And tomorrow, we'll show you what it takes to be prepared.

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{"id":18953474,"title":"Bird Flu Death Toll Rises as Disease Spreads","duration":"1:56","description":"60 confirmed cases and two more deaths add to outbreak of avian flu in China.","url":"/WNT/video/bird-flu-death-toll-rises-disease-spreads-18953474","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}