Boston Strong: Celeste Corcoran

Boston Marathon victim Celeste Corcoran takes her first run in the rehab center.
3:00 | 01/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Strong: Celeste Corcoran
Finally tonight here, we all know our moms are strong. But tonight, one mother determined to get her life back after what happened in boston. We will never forget that powerful moment in a boston hospital room, recorded by a family, so hoping for a mother and daughter's recovery. Celeste and sydney corcoran. The mother, a double amputee after the boston bombings, visited by two marines, sharing a hug, and sharing something else in common. They are amputees, too. Marine gabe martinez telling her at the time this is not the end, this is a new beginning. And listen closely to what she told him. I can't do anything right now. Right now, yes, but -- I'm telling you, and, you know, with all my heart, you are going to be more independent, you know, than you ever were. That means -- I'm so glad to hear. Reporter: We have followed the story of celeste after that moment, wiping away her tears as that marine promised bright days ahead. Afterward, offers of help pouring in from all over the country. Tonight here, new pictures of that mom, determined to prove those bombers would not win. With new prosthetic legs. Reaching a milestone on the treadmill. Woo hoo! Woo! Reporter: And look at this. The physical therapists helping her run, each holding straps to keep her upright. A struggle at first, but she finds her way. Loved ones watching every moment. Oh, my god. Reporter: Celeste now climbing to heights unimaginable in that hospital room. Her final step. Unbelievable. Yes! Reporter: And tonight, she was so proud to show us her first run in that rehab center, just a few days ago, with no help. Woo hoo! You look fantastic! I'm not going to give up. This is not the end. This is just a different beginning. And celeste telling me she's having a margarita to celebrate. We toast celeste. Good night.

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{"id":21508260,"title":"Boston Strong: Celeste Corcoran","duration":"3:00","description":"Boston Marathon victim Celeste Corcoran takes her first run in the rehab center.","url":"/WNT/video/boston-strong-celeste-corcoran-21508260","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}