Circle of Accountability Widens in Steubenville, OH, Rape Case

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is convening a grand jury to see whether others should be charged.
2:15 | 03/18/13

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Transcript for Circle of Accountability Widens in Steubenville, OH, Rape Case
And now, tonight, a new question out of the dramatic court case in ohio. Two high school football players, the assault of a young girl. And pictures passed around. But tonight, this question. How wide is the circle of responsibility and does it include adults that should have done more? Abc's elizabeth vargas is with the ohio attorney general tonight. Reporter: The rape case that turned the spotlight on steubenville, ohio didn't end with the conviction of the two promising football players. Trent mays was sentenced to at least two years in juvenile detention, and ma'lik richmond at least one year. He walked over to apologize to the victim's family. I'm sorry to put you guys through this. Reporter: But today, ohio ATTORNEY GENERAL mike DeWine told me he's convened a grand injury to see if others should be charged. Where are the adults? Where are the parents? The whole story as we've unraveled it is just very disturbing. Where were the parents? Where were her friends? Where were the witnesses that we brought into court? What were they thinking? Why did they allow us to occur? Reporter: The widening circle could include the homeowners of the house where the rape took place. Football coaches and school officials who may have been aware of the assault. And other teens attending the party, who could all be charged for failing to report a felony. The story began last august, after a night of wild partying, when this online picture of ma'lik richmond and trent mays carrying the apparently unconscious 16-year-old victim by her arms and legs, came to light. A fire storm erupted. In an exclusive interview before the trial, ma'lik told me the photograph was staged. It was a joke picture? Yes, ma'am. Reporter: But in the five-day trial, prosecutors proved that the 16-year-old girl was drunk and unable to consent. Text messages, videos and photos taken that night showed she was, quote, treated like a toy. Steubenville is now taking a cold, hard look at itself and asking, are others responsible, too? Elizabeth vargas, abc news, ohio. And you can see more from the court case and elizabeth's reporting in ohio on "0" friday night.

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{"id":18759726,"title":"Circle of Accountability Widens in Steubenville, OH, Rape Case","duration":"2:15","description":"Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is convening a grand jury to see whether others should be charged.","url":"/WNT/video/circle-accountability-widens-steubenville-rape-case-18759726","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}