Coronavirus fears grow amid July 4 celebrations

Many Americans are ignoring social distancing recommendations to celebrate.
4:52 | 07/05/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus fears grow amid July 4 celebrations
And we begin with his American holiday celebrated in the shadow of the corona virus pandemic and more people testing positive than ever before. Record shattered in recent days the perm is not flattening. More than 2786000. Confirmed cases in this country. And tonight Florida reporting more than 111000 cases in the past 24 hours all beaches are closed in three South Florida counties. Including Miami Dade this week at. Texas also reporting a record today more than 8000 cases in just today. Some hospitals now at 100% capacity patients are being diverted. Hospitalizations. In Arizona also continuing to rise and after California's -- success an alarming surge there as well forcing some of the most popular beaches. To close during the holiday. But where the coast is open people are there and Hampton beach New Hampshire doing their best to keep social distance. The same is true for the beach and Coney Island here in new York and ABC's for overall is there. Tonight millions of Americans marking this unprecedented fourth of July as the pandemic ravaging parts of the country. I think it's great family friends get some fresh air what everything that's gone on our country. Be cheesy New Hampshire ray New Jersey even the lake shores of Indiana. Packed with people and on Minnesota's lake minute Tonka hundreds crowding together forming an island of boats. Party goers filling up cool bars at Missouri's lake of the Ozarks the crowds already worrying health officials. I know the fourth of July weekend everybody wants to get together I'm nervous that it's going to varying. More positives as people congregate with cases increasing in 39 states nationwide 80% of fireworks displays are canceled in Florida beaches that would usually draw hundreds of thousands now closed across the state. And we have to follow the rules the definitely hear the beach with a young crowd. It's a good idea. Florida logging 111458. Cases to date alone a new record high and just a hundred cases fewer than New York log at its apex in April while out west most California beaches are closed we don't want to see. You wouldn't bunch of strangers without. Being physically distanced. As the LAPD announces its first officer to of died from the virus health care workers at some testing sites warn their running out of supplies. Today. They had to make decision of who gets tested. Based on swab availability. Witches. Unfortunately wanna be able to test everyone that we can. Today president trump railed on rising case totals in what he thinks is causing them. Saying if we didn't test so much and so successfully. We would have via re few cases. The daily nationwide death poll in the mortality rate have been on the decline at. But deaths are rising in fourteen states and hospitalizations. Are up in 27. Among them Texas where new cases hit a record high and Rio Grande Valley hospitals at capacity are diverting patients to other parts of the state. One north Texas family with seven family members infected including their 88 year old grandmother. Marie is real but the people who believe it's. It's a state he's or she. It's. Austin's mayor now criticizing the governor for a hasty reopening plan and not ruling out a second shot down no warn a do it. But it certainly an arrow in the corporate the sport. In Arizona is cases surged Tucson doctor Matt Heinz warns the state has never seen this level of demand for hospital beds we will took. Where assert. It as a whole rules about. That icu such. Ended or again after governor Kate brown made masks mandatory for state troopers were caught on video refusing to Wear them at a coffee shop. Instead of firing those troopers the governor sat down with them saying they took responsibility. And that the officers and I agreed today that face covering save lives. That's the plea from officials Trevor all joins us now from Coney Island one of the many New York beach is open this fourth of July and Trevor we could see. Big crowds behind you there but Trevor I want to ask you about a nearby cluster of cases in Hoboken, New Jersey that officials say could be linked to travel. That's right lit Hoboken logged thirteen new cases Thursday and Friday it's a small but a noticeable jump. Because health officials say all thirteen people recently traveled areas with rising infection rates like Florida and Texas. Remember New Jersey new York and Connecticut are all asking travelers to visit any of sixteen hard hit states. Who quarantining when they return for trying to prevent this from happening on a larger scale. As people travel the virus travels to that's a concern from officials Trevor thank you.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Many Americans are ignoring social distancing recommendations to celebrate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71612934","title":"Coronavirus fears grow amid July 4 celebrations","url":"/WNT/video/coronavirus-fears-grow-amid-july-celebrations-71612934"}