Deadly Small Plane Crash in Colorado

Private plane slams onto icy Aspen runway - Accident caught on celebrity tweets.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly Small Plane Crash in Colorado
Map right here behind me says it all this evening if you thought it was cold just look at what's coming. Wind -- early this week more than fifty degrees below zero Minneapolis minus 52 this week all the way down to Atlanta where will feel like minus twelve. And it's been a deadly weekend in the middle of all this a small plane crash -- the snowy Aspen airport in Colorado taking one life injuring two others. A closer look tonight at the burned out cap and eyewitnesses capturing video. And you can hear what rescuers were dealing with there. The blustery wind there that's the plane in the distance obviously just a few moments after the crash. And it was also -- very close call in New York City this Sunday a plane arriving at New York's JFK airport skating into a snow bank. Shutting down -- -- country's busiest airports for a time no one was hurt. Our extreme weather team on all of it tonight and the forecast wind chills early this week could very well break records. The first ABC's -- and send -- in Colorado with images moments after the deadly plane crash in a very snowy Aspen Clayton good evening. Good evening David tonight we have learned the NTSB is coming here to Colorado -- want to know if those strong winds played any part in today's crash. Recordings captured this transmission between the tower and the airplane. Articulate their back. And the outer post I would -- -- we're very not only won by delaying. Reuters 11 pirate. One person was killed another severely injured a third person suffered serious injuries. The local sheriff believes they were the only three people on board the plane this Lombardi -- challenger 600. It left Tucson Arizona this morning flying north on its way to Aspen WSB TV anchor Craig Lucy was there will be important. We -- the -- right here. Their -- take off but they will not sit well it's not clear why the plane crashed but landing -- Aspen requires a steep quick drop into a high mountain valley. The ski town is a hot spot for the rich and famous and today celebrity's became witnesses. Singer Leann Rimes tweeting so sad horrible plane crash we just saw happen at the Aspen airport. Actor in Saturday Night Live alone Kevin -- and saw it too horrible plane crash here at Aspen airport exploded into flames as it was landing. It was just -- -- that was -- That was doing -- and then it hit and flipped. And there was smoke and had big ball of flames. Inside the airport passengers were stuck. Waiting for word on when the runways it will reopen. And tonight we have learned that the person killed in this crash is a 54 year old Mexican citizen he was the co pilot.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Private plane slams onto icy Aspen runway - Accident caught on celebrity tweets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"21428895","title":"Deadly Small Plane Crash in Colorado","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-small-plane-crash-colorado-21428895"}