New details on Wisconsin mall shooting

Authorities announced the arrest of a 15-year-old suspect.
0:53 | 11/22/20

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Transcript for New details on Wisconsin mall shooting
Some breaking news just coming in right now new developments in that mall shooting in Wisconsin authorities just announcing the arrest of a fifteen year old. And it days long manhunt by both local and federal authorities here's ABC's Judy norm. Tonight a possible break in the case of a terrifying mall shooting in Wisconsin. All her not uttered late today police announcing it arrests in connection to the shooting that injured eight people at the Mayfair mall outside Milwaukee Friday. Photos of police department is pleased to announce the arrest who have fifteen year old the FBI assisting in the massive two day manhunt police say the suspect escaped cash shoppers ran for their lives. Is important to stress that this act of violence was not a random one but an altercation between two groups all eight victims are expected to recover. Today Norman ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"0:53","description":"Authorities announced the arrest of a 15-year-old suspect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74350597","title":"New details on Wisconsin mall shooting","url":"/WNT/video/details-wisconsin-mall-shooting-74350597"}