Evangelist Billy Graham, 99, dies in his North Carolina home

He preached the gospel to more than 215 million people and counseled kings, queens and presidents.
2:33 | 02/22/18

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Transcript for Evangelist Billy Graham, 99, dies in his North Carolina home
To the other major headline tonight tributes now pouring in across the country for the man known as America's pastor the reverend Billy Graham who passed away today at the age of 99. He connected with so many including countless presidents and first ladies who turned to him. In moments of crisis. ABC's Steve Wilson summing in north Carolina's tonight where reverend Graham lived and where he was from. At 7:46 this morning the heavens he worship Cain calling evangelist Billy Graham died at his home. In monitoring North Carolina. Hours later at his library outside Charlotte visitors from across the world we're just hearing the word his marks and because it starts are. Through his many religious crusades the boy who grew up on a dairy farm would end up preaching the gospel to more than 215. Million people. Getting 101000 letters from the faithful every week. Have you believe in that were lifted out at you received it. He spent his life providing quiet counsel to kings and queens and US presidents. We had gone to pray at break day for our president. From president Donald Trump tonight Graham was a very special man from George W. Bush a shepherd to millions has passed on. Carter and Clinton are all offering tributes. In 2007 the clintons explained how much it meant to them. When he came to visit after the political sex scandal became public he is one of the people who made a real difference to me personally he. Was someone who could understand both bill and me. And he just talk to me and what he wanted to. We didn't know was that the Christ he believed and was a god of second chances. For young George W. Bush that message from the reverend led him to sobriety. Result of and being with Billy Graham and being inspired by Billy Graham and I guess being led bad Billy Graham I started reading the Bible shortly thereafter I quit drinking. President Johnson leaned on the reverend during Vietnam and Reagan famously called Graham from his hospital bed after he was shot. But Graham was questioned for the relationship he kept with Dixon are prayed for him right formed several times a day. The government helping he prayed with presidents and just as easily with everyday Americans. Reverend Billy Graham will be laid to arrest at his library and childhood home directly behind B he will be buried next to his wife. Who died in 2000 said. David Stevens and Sami in North Carolina Steve thank you.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"He preached the gospel to more than 215 million people and counseled kings, queens and presidents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"53260733","title":"Evangelist Billy Graham, 99, dies in his North Carolina home","url":"/WNT/video/evangelist-billy-graham-99-dies-north-carolina-home-53260733"}