Fashion Designer Lilly Pulitzer Dead at 81

Purveyor of preppy style and vibrant color created practical women's fashions.
1:08 | 04/07/13

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Transcript for Fashion Designer Lilly Pulitzer Dead at 81
Take note of the passing an American designer -- iconic dresses were worn for decades here in this country and likely. Still being warned tonight. -- -- tropical print dresses splashed onto the scene in the 1960. She'd married into the famous -- the newspaper family both her break in the fashion world -- -- to do with Steve. That something far more practical. She used to what did you standards built so much to set herself. She asked the seamstress to make dresses in bright colorful prints to -- different stains. Described by some as blinding -- bright. Those dresses started -- far faster than the Jews Jackie Kennedy who once attended the same school as -- war what do dresses and a -- magazine shoot. It would sure help. Her company would grow over the decades it did hit some bumps in the 1980s. Before a rebirth much later. Pulitzer telling the Associated Press not long ago that she came up with a designs. With whatever struck her fancy fruits vegetables politics -- peacocks saying I entered with no business sense but -- -- dresses help make people happy. In fact telling Vanity Fair that's -- like his -- -- Let's have a party she said at a tonight.

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{"id":18902867,"title":"Fashion Designer Lilly Pulitzer Dead at 81","duration":"1:08","description":"Purveyor of preppy style and vibrant color created practical women's fashions.","url":"/WNT/video/fashion-designer-lilly-pulitzer-dead-81-18902867","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}