The Groundbreaking Career of Barbara Walters

After paving the way to break the glass ceiling for so many women, Walters says goodbye after 50 years in television.
2:30 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for The Groundbreaking Career of Barbara Walters
Big party tomorrow for our Barbara Walters making her final appearance on the view. Her -- career spanning fifty years and inspiring generations of women. Well today my friend and I shared some confessions and her makeup room and there was a big surprise outside her door. David -- was there to to take us behind the scenes. -- was headed straight to Barbara dressing room to date now long before Barbara -- -- -- last view talking about women and TV. And the hard part of getting on the air the -- Getting ready for the show you -- you -- online yeah nice for me I -- -- natural beauty. Aren't pegged as the main topic and -- fake -- but I think about how hot. And an -- -- got. To the island -- -- Tomorrow you'll see the intimate conversation before Barbara walks out of that room for the last time. But what Oprah didn't know was that Diane was also there for something else to join all of the other women who came. After Barbara Walters. I'm standing on each town and you're here. Barbara Walters yeah -- -- she was the one. Made it possible for the rest. Lives. I noticed something as I stand here I stand with Elizabeth who sits in Barber's chair and -- -- Tony and -- -- -- -- on The Today Show -- What's it like to come after Barbara Walters and it is such a huge advantage sexy -- -- Jane Pauley -- -- 25. Giving the new from Barbara. And she just sent you notes. To screw someone has helped change. Is doing -- yeah. And who would surprise -- first Oprah. Kobe but a job interview at nineteen she pretended to beat Barbara Walters but trying to sit like her effectiveness after Pentecost when they -- -- I tried to even talk -- -- She has no idea -- here. -- I can't wait -- surprisingly no I tell you what's gonna break I think. This is what I think is an amazing thing I've said for ever that she is the reason why. I could walk the road that I did she actually was when they did was try to -- it fail -- Right -- were all waiting Diane waiting Robin ready to group Celtic history in the making and -- the surprise. -- And we hope you'll join us for -- big day tomorrow appearing on the view. I'm GMA and our special tomorrow night.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"After paving the way to break the glass ceiling for so many women, Walters says goodbye after 50 years in television.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23740722","title":"The Groundbreaking Career of Barbara Walters","url":"/WNT/video/groundbreaking-career-barbara-walters-23740722"}