Hanging on for dear life

A base jumper is seen on video left hanging from the side of a cliff until help arrives.
1:00 | 01/02/20

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Transcript for Hanging on for dear life
Next tonight, the life and death rescue on the side of a cliff, all caught on camera. The base jumper barrelly hanging on after something went terribly wrong. And it's not the first time. Here's ABC's Clayton Sandell. Reporter: Rescuers called to the superstition mountains near Phoenix discovering this super scary sight. Base jumper Scott Frankson stranded on a vertical rock wall. His torn parachute snagged on a rock. The only thing keeping him from falling a thousand feet to the ground. Can you break that away? Reporter: A state trooper drops from a hovering rescue It's the best place to cut it. You got me clipped in? Reporter: Quickly working to cut Frankson out of his parachute harness. Thanks, man. Reporter: Finally, the helicopter lifts Frankson and his rescuer to safety. Hey, buddy. Reporter: This is Frankson's second dangerous close call base jumping off the same mountain. And after this latest mishap, Frankson was air lifted to paramedics, but remarkably was not injured. Whit? All right, Clayton Sandell, thank you. And up next right here, what

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{"duration":"1:00","description":"A base jumper is seen on video left hanging from the side of a cliff until help arrives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68023619","title":"Hanging on for dear life","url":"/WNT/video/hanging-dear-life-68023619"}