Heavy Rain Brings Flash Floods Forcing Evacuations in Memphis

Tornadoes, extreme winds, and heavy rain is threatening the Midwest.
2:54 | 06/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Heavy Rain Brings Flash Floods Forcing Evacuations in Memphis
We begin with the severe weather winding up with another strike on the most battered stretches of the country. 30 million people on the alert. The trouble is on the move. In Minneapolis after weeks of rain and flooding they are using kayaks to get around. In Wisconsin high winds knocked tree branches into power lines triggering a fire. And you could see the lightning even from space. These are images of a storm near Houston. And a new tropical threat brewing in the atlantic. In a moment ABC's Linzie Janis starts us off on the weekend weather. Reporter: Tonight heavy rains in Memphis bringing flash flooding and forcing evacuations. Crews working to restore power and rescue stranded motorists. The midwest and great plains getting pull hmmed by wild weather too. Take a look. This driver in St. Paul, Minnesota barely making his way through blinding rain. And the lightning storm in Columbus, Ohio late Saturday turning tragic. All of a sudden it was a bomb. Just went off. Reporter: Off-duty firefighter Stewart tutor was struck by lightning sending him into cardiac arrest. His colleagues result tated him. He remains in critical condition. The lightning is a very real danger. More common than we think. Reporter: Strikes are fatal 10% of the time with an average of 51 Americans dying every year. Experts at the national weather service say the best way to protect ourselves is to go indoors. With thunderstorms, even if you can't see lightning, it can strike from ten miles away. And more dangerous weather on the way. The national hurricane center monitoring a system off the east coast of Florida. Which could soak much of the southeast going into the 4th of July weekend. We turn to meteorologist Jeff smith of our New York affiliate. Nice to have you with us. As we just heard that severe threat facing millions of Americans tonight. We do have a volatile situation especially over parts of Iowa and eastern Nebraska. A moderate risk. Of severe thunderstorms through the evening. We're talking damaging winds, hail and tornados and heavy rain over an area that doesn't need rainfall. Parts of the Ohio valley and the midwest. Not everyone getting two to three inches in that zone but in local areas, maybe over three inches. There could even be a tropical storm. Yeah the national weather center is watching it toward the Georgia coast line. It's going to swing toward Florida and maybe Georgia and the Carolinas. By later on in the week. At the same time it could develop into tropical storm Arthur. We're going to be watching that very carefully. Areas all the way up to the Carolinas need keep an eye on this. Heavy rain and maybe some strong winds as we head later into the week. We move now to a major announcement coming from the

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Tornadoes, extreme winds, and heavy rain is threatening the Midwest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24359327","title":"Heavy Rain Brings Flash Floods Forcing Evacuations in Memphis","url":"/WNT/video/heavy-rain-brings-flash-floods-forcing-evacuations-memphis-24359327"}