Hurricane Katrina Evacuee Shares Her Story

New Orleans resident Syrena Johnson recalls the incredible path her life took after the storm.
2:05 | 08/24/15

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Transcript for Hurricane Katrina Evacuee Shares Her Story
Finally tonight, nearly ten years ago, hurricane Katrina slammed into the gulf coast, destroying so many lives. Tonight, you'll meet one woman that rebuilt her life in a kitchen. And living proof it's not the spices that go into a recipe that's special, it's the people that make it. Here's robin Roberts. If you talk to any new Orleans person, how we set time is before and after Katrina. Reporter: One of the many people trapped after the storm, stuck on the roof of this house, was 15-year-old syrena Johnson. Now 25. Nobody came to our aid for a long time. Reporter: She was evacuated to Houston. Eventually making her way back to New Orleans. But her old neighborhood, a ghost town. I could have ended up in bad places from where I came from. I chose to work instead of stay out on the street. I chose to finish school. Reporter: And she chose to enter a program called liberty's kitchen. It's for at-risk youth and it's a program to teach you job skills through cooking. Reporter: There she caught the eye of chef John bush, at the time a rising celebrity chef, who picked her for a scholarship in New York City. Tell me about your first meeting with chef bush. We talking for a while. I went home and was like, I think I might have this. I think this man liked me or he sees something in me. She has the energy, she has the smarts. She went to New York and just killed it. Reporter: Soon after graduating, syrena began working at some of New Orleans' top restaurants. No sooner did she arrive in New Orleans, then she started working. Training those in the same outreach program that she came from. Y'all need this program. She has come back and she's made a difference in her world. Reporter: So when habitat for humanity helped her dream of home ownership come true, a certain someone arrived as a surprise at the dedication ceremony. When I think of one person that really embodies the soul of what this is all about, it's syrena. Now I'm crying. Reporter: Her life, once tattered by Katrina. Now whole again. Tune in tonight as robin hosts a one-hour

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"New Orleans resident Syrena Johnson recalls the incredible path her life took after the storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33269317","title":"Hurricane Katrina Evacuee Shares Her Story","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-katrina-evacuee-shares-story-33269317"}