Hurricane Lane lashes away at Hawaiian Islands

With winds up to 130 miles an hour, the monster storm hit Hawaii with heavy rain, devastating flooding and landslides.
2:46 | 08/23/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Lane lashes away at Hawaiian Islands
We turn now to the state of emerge at thishour. Rrne lashing away at theaiian islands. Ster storm with winds up to 130 miles per hour. And the image in right now, heavy rain pouring D on the bigisland. Major concern, up to 30 in inches Ora. Abginitez is R there. Wow.ter: Tonight, condition deteriorang in Hawaii, as the eye ofurricane lane moves closer to shore, churning up th pac the slow-moving tomorrowdy swping roadsthe big island with a foot and a half of rain in just urs. You can see major flooding here in progre the water everal feet deep out ahead of us. Reporter: Rts of mudslides, drivers makinr way through ers high water. To prepare all but over. Residents race dwindling suppliesempty shelves anring homes. Ye I'm erned. Becaeven ife dodge it, it's going aot of rain. Reporter: All public schools closed. Ofs urging pple not evac to stay put. Be prepared to shelter in place.ays of foo and supplies and water, medicine. Reporter: First responders from the mainland, Lese from Washington, aacing into II to help. While tourists are flocking to airports trying to get out. What were yoinking, knowing you still had a flight tomorrow? It wanted to get out as fast as pole. Ju so I dn't to, I guess,tay for the after or luckily, she's getting on a flight tonight. And gio is LE now from Honolulu, where they're bracing for hurri lane. And gio,icials there warning people to stay out of the water? Reporter: Yeah,t's T, Tom. In we just heard a lifeguard telling people on megaphone to get out. It's J too dangerous. We've been watching these waves tgend bigger. Powerfulds are just away here, M. Aright, giobenitez, thank you. Let'sn right nowo senior meteorologist rob iano, he'scking the hurricane GHT. Hey, rob. Reporter: Hey,tom. Concerning on twopoints. One, it's not weakening very dly and T I a low confidenorecast, so, going to see why W we look at the track. Here is the storm, about 200 miles oro to the south of Honolulu. And it is a stron storm and the track of this is going to make an extreme left turn, we hope, it gets to the eyelands, but the a psibility it makes landfall.a cor likely during the day trow as it makes a close approacho maui and holulu ING the early morning hours on Saturday. In, 10 to0, that's going be the biggest is big storm surge, as well we already have flash flood warnings out. Again, not make a direct landfall regardless, the ims, Tom, could be damaging. A tri forecast and a massive rake rob, thank you. We turn now the

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"With winds up to 130 miles an hour, the monster storm hit Hawaii with heavy rain, devastating flooding and landslides.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57368086","title":"Hurricane Lane lashes away at Hawaiian Islands","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-lane-lashes-hawaiian-islands-57368086"}