3 dead including police officer after shooting at hospital in Chicago

Doctors and nurses were evacuated from Mercy Hospital as police reported multiple victims.
2:07 | 11/19/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 3 dead including police officer after shooting at hospital in Chicago
And we begin tonight with the scene unfolding right now. The shooting at a hospital in Chicago. A gunman opening fire in a parking lot and then inside the hospital. Multiple people shot. Doctors, nurses and patients could be seen evacuating parts of the hospital, hurrying out with their hands in the air. Police rushing to mercy hospital, barricading streets in the area. And this was the scene from above just a short time ago. A police escort following an ambulance carrying an officer who was shot and who is now critically injured. It is believed the gunman is dead tonight. And ABC's Alex Perez leading us off. He's on the scene in Chicago. Reporter: Doctors and nurses with their hands up evacuated from Chicago's mercy hospital. A man with a gun inside. The first shots fired around 3:00 P.M. James gray, a patient, says he saw a man and the woman walking together in the parking lot when the man opened fire. The gentleman turned around and shot three times in her chest, then when she fell to the ground, he stood over her and shot her three more times. And you witnessed all of this? Yes. Reporter: Police rushing to the scene. All units, we're getting a 10-1, 10-1 outside of mercy hospital. No further information, shots fired in front of mercy hospital. James gray was watching from inside, and that's exactly where the gunman headed. Reporter: Security was trying to direct us into rooms and toll us to lock the doors behind us. It was chaos. It was just mass chaos. Once he entered, he just started shooting random. Reporter: Gary Thompson works at the hospital. You heard eight shots, you saw blood -- Yes. Elevator lobby area? Yeah, on the floor. Reporter: Police say there were multiple victims. Officers going floor by floor, a methodical search for the gunman. One officer in critical condition, loaded into an ambulance, driven away with a police escort. And Alex Perez joins us from outside mercy hospital tonight in Chicago. And Alex, we understand that police are now saying the hospital is secure? Reporter: David, that is correct. Officials say they have searched the hospital and it has been secured. You can see still a very active crime scene behind me here. The gunman is dead. Three other victims, including a Chicago police officer, are in critical condition, fighting for their lives. The motive here remains unclear. David? Alex Perez leading us off tonight. Alex, thank you.

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{"id":59302617,"title":"3 dead including police officer after shooting at hospital in Chicago","duration":"2:07","description":"Doctors and nurses were evacuated from Mercy Hospital as police reported multiple victims.","url":"/WNT/video/injured-including-police-officer-shooting-hospital-chicago-59302617","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}