Inside Chechnya’s horror

Journalist James Longman revealed details about coming out as gay to the head of Chechnya’s police, Apti Alaudinov, in a recent ABC News article.
2:25 | 10/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Chechnya’s horror
We turn overseas tonight, as our team goes inside chechnya, where the totalitarian regime is a close ally of Vladimir Putin. Tonight, amid reports of violent purges of members of the lgbtq community after of human rights activists, ABC's James Longman traveling there, and this evening, his questions for the head of the country's notorious police force. Reporter: After reports of what's described as a purge of lgbtq people in chechnya, we traveled there. A police state, loyal to Vladimir Putin. There are reports of hundreds of gay men and women allegedly kidnapped, tortured, and abused at the hands of the chechen government. Amin escaped the country. He was working as a hairdresser when he says police yanked him from his salon and threw him prison where he says he was beaten and electrocuted over That guy charged his gun and put me right here on my head. Reporter: What was going through your mind in that moment? I don't know. Something died. Reporter: Despite a global outcry in 2017, fresh victims have continued to come forward. Do bee recognize you in the we met general apti alaudinov, head of the police force accused of rounding up and torturing hundreds of lgbt people, allegations he flatly denies. Reporter: What do we know about this place? I don't know. Reporter: He takes us to see a chechen prison. Reporter: So, that's what you would say to human rights campaigners who say that these men and men like them are responsible for astroties? I've reported around the world as a gay man, but in chechnya, I've kept it to myself, until now. What if I told you that I was gay. At first, the general seemed taken aback. Reporter: And tonight, growing questions and concerns, how to protect the lgbt community and other activists targeted by the chechen government. As we said, David, amin made it out of the country, but victims and rights groups say abuses are still going on. And those who have fled are terrified that they could be tracked down. David? James Longman tonight. James, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Journalist James Longman revealed details about coming out as gay to the head of Chechnya’s police, Apti Alaudinov, in a recent ABC News article.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"66512985","title":"Inside Chechnya’s horror","url":"/WNT/video/inside-chechnyas-horror-66512985"}