Jersey City shootout was a ‘targeted’ attack

Surveillance video showed the gunmen driving slowly through the city's streets and then stopping outside a kosher grocery store and immediately opening fire.
3:23 | 12/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jersey City shootout was a ‘targeted’ attack
And we begin tonight with the chilling new surveillance of what authorities are now calling a targeted and deadly attack, just outside New York City. The mayor calling it a hate crime. Police are now looking closely at this surveillance video tonight, the two gunmen, a man and a woman, getting out of a van, crossing the street there, opening fire inside that kosher grocery store. Three people were killed inside. A police detective had been killed right before. Police arriving quickly and then S.W.A.T. Teams, the fire fight went on for teams. Bystanders running away from the danger. Tonight, we are learning more about the suspects. The pipe bomb that was found in a stolen U-Haul that day. And the anti-police, anti-semitic writings online. Adrienne Bankert leads us off from Jersey City. Reporter: Tonight, chilling surveillance video captures the horror at that kosher market in New Jersey, in what police say was a targeted attack. Both suspects slowly emerging from a stolen U-Haul van, before one of them aims a high-powered rifle at the store and opens fire. There were multiple other people on the streets, so there were many other targets available to them that they bypassed to attack that place, so, it was clearly, that was their target and they intended to harm people inside. Reporter: Police say the two gunned down the owner, Mindy Ferenz, a mother of five, an employee, Miguel Douglas and customer Moshe Deutch. A few hundred bullets went into a body of a 24-year-old child. How can we as a community, as people, bear that? Reporter: One person in the market was injured, but survived the hail of bullets that terrorized Jersey City for hours yesterday. The suspects killed in the gun battle identified as 50-year-old Francine graham and 47-year-old David Anderson. Sources tell ABC news Anderson recently made anti-semitic posts online. It all started when detective Joe seals, investigating the murder of an Uber driver, encountered the suspects at this cemetery. Police say they killed the officer -- a father of five -- driving a mile to that jewish market at just after noon. For more than three hours, a standoff with heavily armed officers. It was like we were at war. That is what it sounded like, like we were at war. Reporter: In the end, police ramming the store with an armored truck. The bodies of the suspects and victims found inside. Authorities did recover a pipe bomb and religious writings from that stolen U-Haul. The suspects believed to be members of the black israelites, considered by the FBI to be a domestic terror group, known for anti-jewish and anti-police There is no question that this is a hate crime. Reporter: Police now pointing to the bravery of the officers who contained the violence, including two patrolmen first at the scene and wounded. Yesterday could have been far deadlier, and the reason it was not is due to the heroism of the men and women of the Jersey City police department. And Adrienne Bankert back with us again tonight from outside that market, and Adrienne, I know you're learning more about the suspects tonight? Reporter: Yes, one of those suspects had a history of criminal offenses, including weapons charges. We know that tonight, two of those innocent victims will be laid to rest. They will also hold a vigil for all of the victims at the cemetery where detective seals was murdered. Meanwhile, the corner market behind us here, the scene of those merciless killings, boarded up. David? Adrienne back kert leading us off tonight. Adrienne, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Surveillance video showed the gunmen driving slowly through the city's streets and then stopping outside a kosher grocery store and immediately opening fire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"67669356","title":"Jersey City shootout was a ‘targeted’ attack","url":"/WNT/video/jersey-city-shootout-targeted-attack-67669356"}