Moment of Impact: New Details of the Asiana Flight Crash Landing

ABC News' David Kerley looks at the Boeing 777 Jet crash at each pivotal moment.
3:11 | 07/06/13

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Transcript for Moment of Impact: New Details of the Asiana Flight Crash Landing
To washington now, the ntsb launching a team of investigators. David kerley with the moment by moment of what happened as this investigation now unfolds. Flight 214 all of the way from seoul, south korea, apparently was just feet short of the san francisco runway. The asiana 777 missing its tail ended off the runway. The mad dash on to evacuate the aircraft, 291 passengers, at least 16 crew members. The flight started in seoul on saturday afternoon, 4:30 their time. It was nearly 10 1/2 hours later, 11:28 pacific time, that the pilot radioed he was ready to land. 214 heavy runway -- Reporter: The pilot had the runway in sight in san francisco but witnesses said the nose was up, experts believe the jet was coming up short and apparently hit the breakwater barrier with its tail. Within seconds of the crash the pilot radioed the tower which already knows there is trouble. 214, emergency vehicles are responding. Reporter: With evacuation under way the pilot stays in cockpit and calls the tower again. Asiana 214 emergency vehicles responding, everyone on their way. Reporter: The 777 was only certified after boeing was able to prove it could be evacuated within 90 seconds, even with some of its exits blocked. Just two weeks ago I spent two days at a 777 simulator as part of a study. It is a technically advanced aircraft which could be landed on auto pilot. This was a 7-year-old aircraft. No one has ever died in a 777 accident. And this incident is similarly eerie to the only other serious incident, british airlines aircraft which hit its tail when it was landing as well. As cecilia mentioned, san francisco hopes to reopen the airport soon. We heard from the ntsb a few minutes ago, a go team of investigators on the way and three investigators from los angeles headed to san francisco as well. Really, the critical part here is the flight data recorder. It's going to say so much about what this aircraft was doing and what the pilots were doing just moments before they got to that runway. We will hear more from the ntsb, they'll be on the scene tonight. But I got a feeling we'll have actual details some time tomorrow morning about this 777 accident in san francisco. As we look at aerial photos of the charred fuselage, much of it just gone now, what do we know about reports earlier this afternoon, one government source telling abc news they might not have made the emergency call until after the crash landing? Reporter: Well, I listened to the entire part of the traffic control tape. You are hear the pilot call into the tower that he sees the runway and he's on his final approach to 28 left and you don't hear anything from the pilot for about 45, 50 seconds and when he's back on the radio, the tower knows he's in troublt. That's when you hear the tower saying listen, we have emergency vehicles coming to you. About a minute passes and then the pilot gets back on the radio, he stayed in the cockpit talking to the tower, he did not evacuate immediately as passengers were evacuated by flight attendants. David kerley on the

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{"id":19596920,"title":"Moment of Impact: New Details of the Asiana Flight Crash Landing","duration":"3:11","description":"ABC News' David Kerley looks at the Boeing 777 Jet crash at each pivotal moment.","url":"/WNT/video/moment-impact-details-asiana-flight-crash-landing-19596920","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}