Plane loses engine on flight out of Denver

United Flight 328 departed Denver when shortly after it was advised there was an engine issue.
2:26 | 02/21/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Plane loses engine on flight out of Denver
But we begin with that breaking news from Colorado -- a midair emergency on board a Boeing 777 passenger plane. An engine failing shortly after takeoff. Pieces of the plane raining to the ground in a Denver suburb, littering an athletic field. One piece puncturing a hole in the roof of a home. You see it right there. And take a look -- this piece landing in the front yard of a home, missing it by just a matter of feet. People on the ground say they heard a loud explosion and saw smoke trailing from the plane. The pilot calling mayday before a white knuckle return to the airport. Gio Benitez leads us off with the details just coming in. Reporter: Tonight, debris from a Boeing 777 falling from the sky. The united airlines pilot calling in a mayday. Mayday, mayday. 328 heavy. Mayday. Aircraft just experienced an engine failure. Reporter: Massive metal pieces from the engine landing in several neighborhoods outside Denver. United airlines flight 328 departed Denver airport at 3:29 local time, headed for Honolulu. Shortly after takeoff, at 1:00, the plane experiencing a right engine failure, forcing the crew the turn it around and make that emergency landing. This big ring is actually the very front end of the engine, so you can see when the engine came apart internally the force was so great it blew that cover of the engine off and into this neighborhood. Reporter: Witnesses reported seeing smoke and hearing a loud boom, but incredibly, nobody on the ground was injured. The FAA tonight saying the plane returned the Denver international airport and landed safely. The passengers deplaned and were bused to the terminal. Gio Benitez joins us now. Gio this could have ended much what happens next in the investigation? Reporter: Well, whit, we're just getting some new information now. A person familiar with the situation is telling ABC news that investigators will focus on what they call a possible uncontained failure. That is when the engine parts just starts falling apart. That is incredibly rare. The NTSB is investigating. No question. The alarming video. Gio, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"United Flight 328 departed Denver when shortly after it was advised there was an engine issue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"76022245","title":"Plane loses engine on flight out of Denver","url":"/WNT/video/plane-loses-engine-flight-denver-76022245"}