Rally outside R. Kelly's studio following docu-series

Representatives for the singer said police would find "nothing" in their investigations "because he has done nothing wrong."
1:37 | 01/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rally outside R. Kelly's studio following docu-series
Next tonight, there are new developments involving R. Kelly, after millions watched the dock ewe series "Surviving R. Kelly" that included disturbing claims. Prosecutors are now urging alleged victims to come forward. Tonight, what they've revealed, as police paid a visit to his recording studio last night. Here's ABC's linsey Davis again tonight. Reporter: A rally tonight outside R. Kelly's recording studio in Chicago, on the heels of a visit by police. Authorities found the studio vacant. This, as new calls are coming into law enforcement, after an Illinois prosecutor asked for alleged victims of the singer to come forward. We don't have the ability to deal in rumor and innuendo. We have to deal with facts and evidence. Reporter: All triggered by lifetime's explosive dock ewe series, "Surviving R. Kelly," which included interviews with several women, including some who claim to have had sex with Kelly when they were teens. Angelo clary says his daughter got involved with Kelly at age 17, and claim she's being held against her will by Kelly. Kelly's lawyers tell ABC news the claims in the series are nothing, and that if Mr. Kelly had done anything wrong, you would expect to hear facts, not the pitch fork posse, as for the investigations, they will find nothing, because he has done nothing wrong. Today in R. Kelly's hometown of Chicago, an editorial in "The Chicago sun times" calling for radio stations to #mute R. Kelly and stop playing his music for good.

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{"id":60270809,"title":"Rally outside R. Kelly's studio following docu-series","duration":"1:37","description":"Representatives for the singer said police would find \"nothing\" in their investigations \"because he has done nothing wrong.\"","url":"/WNT/video/rally-kellys-studio-docu-series-60270809","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}