Remembering legendary PBS news anchor Jim Lehrer

Jim Lehrer, longtime host of the nightly PBS “NewsHour” has died, PBS said Thursday. He was 85.
2:06 | 01/24/20

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Transcript for Remembering legendary PBS news anchor Jim Lehrer
We are remembering a giant of journalism tonight. Jim Lehrer, who would become the Dean of moderators in the presidential debates. Tonight, his rules of journalism. Good evening, I'm Jim Lehrer. Reporter:lehrer, known for his calm and reassuring way. His interviews. And perhaps most of all, his steady navigation of presidential debates. He was the moderator of 12 of them, more than any other person in U.S. History. When the debate is over that I moderate, I want everybody to say, okay, here you have seen and heard the candidates for president of the United States on the same stage, at the same time, talking about the same things and you can judge them. You know, is he telling the truth, all that kind of stuff -- well, you see them right there together, it's a huge test. Reporter: Jim Lehrer was presented with the national humanities medal. Bill Clinton with words true today. Jim Lehrer is a modern man of letters, who has left us a gift of professionalism and civility. Reporter: Born in Wichita, Kansas, he gan his journalism career in 1960, at "The Dallas morning news" then at "The Dallas times herald." He was in Dallas when president John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. What the assassination did for me was forever keep me aware of the fragility of everything. Reporter: So many tonight remembering a pioneer. Sharing his rules of journalism. Do nothing I cannot defend, cover, write and present every story with the care I would want if the story were about me. Assume there is at least one other side or version to every story. Assume the same about all people on whom I report. Reporter: His words even more powerful today. I'm Jim Lehrer. Thank you and good night. Jim Lehrer was 85 years old. He is survived by his wife, three daughters and six grandchildren. There is still much more

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Jim Lehrer, longtime host of the nightly PBS “NewsHour” has died, PBS said Thursday. He was 85.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68492666","title":"Remembering legendary PBS news anchor Jim Lehrer","url":"/WNT/video/remembering-legendary-pbs-news-anchor-jim-lehrer-68492666"}