Tropical Storm Barry's wrath still slams Louisiana

Although Barry downgraded from a potential hurricane upon landfall, many cities in Louisiana are still reeling from heavy rain and flooding.
3:34 | 07/15/19

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Barry's wrath still slams Louisiana
And good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Sunday. I'm Tom llamas. And we begin tonight with the state of emergency in Louisiana, where Barry continues to pound residents with life-threatening conditions. The slow-moving rainmaker that made landfall as a hurricane, churning inland, swamping several low-lying communities. Some neighborhoods completely submerged. Significant wind damage. This roof swept straight off this hangar. And this resident and his dog hoisted to safety. And concerns mounting in Jefferson parish as cemeteries begin to flood. There is a tornado watch in effect tonight. Rob Marciano leads off our storm coverage from just outside of New Orleans. Reporter: Tonight, Barry's relentless wrath, slamming Louisiana. Watch the roof of this hangar ripped away in 60 mile-per-hour winds. Eddie, call 911! Reporter: Debris strewn across the highway. The storm on a slow motion March inland. Dumping torrential rain across the northern gulf coast. The dangerous flood waters still pounding the outskirts of New Orleans. Look at this wave action off of lake pontchartrain a full day after landfall. The storm surge just relentless. Three feet of water pushing into this neighborhood. Just south of the city, this cemetery flooded, tombstones under water. To the west in Lafayette, water levels in the vermilion river rapidly rising throughout the day. Watch as the flood waters engulf this dock. In the past ten minutes, this water has come up probably another two inches. Reporter: More than half a foot of rain falling across the state this weekend. Severe flooding inundating neighborhoods and highways. Residents forced to drive through flooded streets. This is the worst I've seen it, yeah. Reporter: The coast guard rescuing a dozen people, including this man and his dog. Utility crews lining the highways, now scrambling to restore power across the state. Nearly 100,000 still in the dark tonight. At least two reported tornadoes in east Baton Rouge. This time lapse showing the storm clouds swirling near walker, Louisiana. The weekend storm leaving a trail of destruction. Now people returning to salvage what's left of their flooded homes and businesses. John and kit lost their home here when Katrina hit. They rebuilt on 15-foot stilts, but their home still impacted by hurricane Barry. This is our driveway here. Reporter: Wow. It's still under water. And that's the original driveway from when Katrina came through. Everything else has been replaced. Yup, all new. And the rain and flooding still a major concern tonight. Rob Marciano is just outside of New Orleans and we see the water danger right there. Reporter: It's going to take a long time to drain. We're looking at water issues into the middle of the week. Also a tornado watch here that extends into Mississippi. There it is on the radar. The center across northwest Louisiana. Flood warnings in hattiesburg, and Texas as well. Flood watches extending into Illinois and Missouri. Over the next two days, it will be a big rainmaker, spinning up through Arkansas, getting into Memphis in the morning, pushing up through paducah and into the Ohio river valley. Looking at a half a foot of rain across Memphis, right through Tuesday. So, a flooding event that goes well inland through the middle part of the week. Tom? Rob, thank you. Next tonight, to the blackout mystery in New York

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Although Barry downgraded from a potential hurricane upon landfall, many cities in Louisiana are still reeling from heavy rain and flooding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"64332917","title":"Tropical Storm Barry's wrath still slams Louisiana","url":"/WNT/video/tropical-storm-barrys-wrath-slams-louisiana-64332917"}