‘What Would You Do?’: Mom tells transgender woman not to use women’s bathroom, Part 1

A mother becomes uncomfortable when she hears a transgender woman asking where the ladies’ room is. Transgender teen advocate Jazz Jennings joins us to share her experiences.
7:19 | 08/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘What Would You Do?’: Mom tells transgender woman not to use women’s bathroom, Part 1
Hi. Chip Intel ladies' room. Service is better than thanks so much. I'm sorry just overheard are you looking for the women's bathroom and yes I found that things I'll know I've. I know you might feel like your woman but here obviously in man you can't go in there. It's happening across the country. Lawmakers deciding whether transgender Americans should be allowed to use the restrooms designated for the gender they identify with. The justice is choosing not to take up the challenge to a Pennsylvania school district's policy. On transgender students and if it's discrimination. When they're forced to do otherwise. Sanded yeah. Today in this restaurant this mother has her mind clearly made up. The young lady here it's not right for you to be in there while she has mentioned use the men's bathroom. If you witness someone demanding that a trans woman who use the men's bathroom. Glad I am a woman and when you could think what you want but we all know you're a man. What would you do. Joining us on the set today is Janice Janning. Spitzer was and smooth thank you for joining us fire in 2007. Jazz at the age of six. Sat down for a groundbreaking interview where their own Barbara Walters on twenty to any. Tell me about this picture flying this. Clinton will perform. This year worst delay arranged this this book is so little girl who. Since then jazz has worked to accelerate acceptance for the transgender community. Even starring at her own show on TLC. I and Janice where she brings her personal issues into the national. We'll spotlight I wasn't allowed to use the girls out there not my elementary school. I had these nurses fresh MI NS so stop saying if they're vomiting ever evening. All right call on our Paula now. We're at the Randolph diner in Randolph New Jersey where Nadia Howard transgender actress has a very simple question sorry. High ceilings and the latest Phillies news just right of an act. Thank you for months but our mom at a nearby table way I'm sorry you asked for the women's bathroom sees this as a problem down. Yeah all right Kate Callahan now comes at a joke something. Excuse me. Well you think your woman I get really and then. She's just fast this is crazy my stomach is like. Can not say announced. So just inserted in the books this group is tuned in to I mean here's pentagon press type now that's not I don't know anybody who feel comfortable fashion. That seem realistic you can easily say she's selling expansion going and as fast I mean. He defends Narnia. I'm sorry what did you say. The new Batman comic legend field wild his friend and makes her way out of the blue. She's well where there yes well. I'm. She walks with their all the way to the ladies room points here. And when she returns excuse me why did you do that. I don't feel comfortable. They're using women's fast. I think that's an interesting also believes candidates. Against who against and she's saying now Christian christianity has got to love everyone she's transgender. I'm acting terrible. Its lowest just a matter of safety it's just not right I just. Pull my messages just to my daughter. Everybody. With the battery ago we decide to introduce herself hi guys are heroes what would you do you got involved tells life. Just wrong discriminatory. And finally fully convinced deviant regardless of that it was hurting someone's skin. Are you were very kind and gentle you can condemn her. Every line they're not. Even as. Ironies picks up. What makes you this way book I mean I'm. Snatched her love you always take you know jazz Jennings I do guess what she's here. On nice the media long. Does he may know I'm transgender myself so seeing you stick up where this woman over here was just incredible to me and when you send specifically that you seemed to love everyone and that's when that religion is all about who I really really appreciated that and I appreciate all of you sun thanks me off. As our mom continues to voice her opinion and your man should be using them answer nothing ladies room. And more customers share their own community. Yeah my life. This man supports Nadia. But he's got a different idea of what might be it's. Really bitter could have made me. And from there from one person goes inside to go. And this woman I don't think it's safe and I don't think it's right throws her hands up in disagreement. When Bob and. Now this man seems to notice what's going on. It's obvious you're not a woman and I wouldn't want my daughter in the bathroom can't. And as our daughter asks her mom to use that bathroom. Laurel people. My three. Just a minute just a minute we wonder what he's thinking let's see if she needs to go I'm sorry I'm not gonna send her in there there's a chance you're going in there. Our hat on his current president about her First Amendment out. As soon as Nadia leaves he opens up. Critical what's the single bomber it's. Thank Obama. People who made that possible for what do you mean. My. Won't save you it's only good news if they can do that if you agree I don't. You know I can. Time do you mind now Mo plus we're delving into a real serious issue you know that's very controversial. I don't think it's right. Hey I think Obama losing that created that we mentioned I think your. A woman is world news this season was right. But you were gonna confront. Her. Prison break which wants funds I mean the law I think blouses in the use of Dresser. Things. A specialist Randall. We want them. Funny plus.

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"A mother becomes uncomfortable when she hears a transgender woman asking where the ladies’ room is. Transgender teen advocate Jazz Jennings joins us to share her experiences.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"65160200","title":"‘What Would You Do?’: Mom tells transgender woman not to use women’s bathroom, Part 1","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/mom-tells-transgender-woman-womens-bathroom-part-65160200"}